All MacGyver needed was his Swiss Army knife. While we may need more, these multi-tools will get you closer to solving your backcountry—or front country—predicament. We’ve highlighted four for any situation. If you need something light and minimal, find it here. If you want something that cuts, opens a bottle of wine, and saws a small stick, we have that, too. Read through to find the perfect fit.

Open everything. Amazon

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Need to clip some rope? Done. Saw a stick? Done. Open a bottle of wine? Done. Whittle a spoon? Done. Open a beer bottle? Not a problem. This knife, from the timeless brand Victorinox Swiss Army, will have your back no matter your problem. It’s stainless steel and comes with a leather clip pouch.

Bring what you need and nothing more. Amazon

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This Leatherman multitool weighs just more than 6 ounces, and what it lacks in weight it makes up for in strength. It contains needle-nose and regular pliers, wire cutters, a large bit driver, a bottle opener, and, of course, a knife blade. The tool also comes with a 25-year limited warranty and a carabiner for easy carrying. Extra bonus: You can store another bit in the handle for even more capability.

Carry what you need when you need it. Amazon

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Never worry about grabbing your keys, wallet, phone, and multitool again. This little tool hangs on your keychain, which means anywhere you go with your keys you can fix a problem. It’s stainless steel, compact and offers 10 tools including scissors, a bottle opener, tweezers, a file, and wire cutter. The spring-loaded pliers are just another perk.

Carry only what you need. Amazon

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This compact, easy-to use multitool has everything you need and nothing that you don’t. It has the classic scissors, screwdrivers, knife, and file, as well as a pair of tweezers tucked away inside. It’s made in Portland, Oregon, and comes with a 25-year limited warranty. Tools pop open with a push of your thumb, but close with magnetic locking to keep you safe while it’s closed.