Entertaining games to play while spending time outdoors

Stay amused in camp.

family sitting near tents in the woods
Fun wherever you go.Greg Rosenke via Unsplash

Sure, most of the time when we’re camping we busy ourselves building fires, whittling sticks for s’mores, or telling ghost stories. But what about all the rest of the time? What about when it’s raining and you’re stuck in a tent, or you already built a fire and whittled your sticks? These games have you covered. They’re perfect for everything from the backcountry to an RV park, and will ensure you and everyone else in your camp is entertained.

WE Games Cribbage and More Travel Game Pack
Skimp on weight, not fun.Amazon

The number of games you can create out of this set is nearly endless. It comes complete with a board and pegs for cribbage, and the accompanying deck of cards and dice give you unlimited gaming options. The entire set weighs far less than a pound—perfect for the weight-conscious backpacker. Play dice games in a group, cribbage with you and a friend or solitaire by yourself.

Education Outdoors Fishing Camp Board Game
Learn about fishing while camping.Amazon

There’s no better way to learn some facts about fishing than while settling in for the night in the woods. This game for all ages includes hundreds of questions and fun facts about fish items like gear and tackle and fish species. It’s suitable for kids as young as 4 who might need some help reading and answering questions, and will be fun for even the oldest players. Use it as a learning tool and campfire entertainment.

Toss it in your pack and play anywhere.Amazon

Think Scrabble, only portable, faster paced, and pleasantly chaotic. This game—fit into a tiny, banana-shaped bag—can go with you just about anywhere and is perfect for anyone over 3, though ideally for those 7 and up. Play it by yourself or in groups of up to eight people. Use it for a fun evening among friends or as an educational tool for your kids.

3-IN-1 Outdoor Toss Game Set
Never be bored in a campground again.Amazon

With minimal set up, this game set offers you ladder ball, frisbee and target toss all in one. The set isn’t small, but it’s perfect to stow in an RV closet or toss in the back of your truck. It’s durable enough to take along anywhere and promises fun for one summer after another. And you don’t have to pretend you’re bringing it along for the kids—these games are more than enough fun for you, too.