Outdoor hammocks are made with lightweight fabric, commonly nylon, which means they can be easily stored and transported inside a backpack. You can enjoy your hammock during a hot summer day in your backyard as well as on multi-day expeditions deep into the backcountry. They also provide an option for stretching out and relaxing, no matter the condition of the ground. If you can find two trees spaced properly apart, you can set up an outdoor hammock.

Room for Two

It is a solid all-around choice for a single person or couple looking to relax in the outdoors. It is compact, easy to set up, and comfortable to use. ENO

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How do you set up an outdoor hammock? Find two sturdy trees within the proper distance of each other. The exact distance depends on how long your hammock is and the length of your straps. Attach a strap to each tree and connect the hammock to both straps. Adjust from there. The strap should be at a 30-degree angle to the ground when you are sitting or lying in it. That will provide the right combination of support and comfort, without the hammock’s walls constricting you from the sides.


A mesh canopy keeps the bugs out, and side shades reduce ambient light so you’ll sleep better. G4Free

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Can you sleep in a hammock? The short answer is yes. Many campers choose to sleep in hammocks. Look for a hammock with features that will protect you from the elements. Hammocks don’t provide the same insulation as the ground does, so consider using a sleeping pad in your hammock to conserve as much body heat as possible.

Affordable Comfort

It’s durable, and comfortable, affordable, and is ready to set up immediately. Wise Owl Outfitters

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Most companies sell hammocks that are one-size-fits all and can be used comfortably by most people. The main consideration you need to make is whether or not you want to fit a second person in the hammock with you. No matter what, never load your hammock over its weight limit.