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Cookout time is here. Outdoor fryers cook fish, turkeys, potatoes, and more without filling your house with grease and smoke. And they can hold a lot of food. Here are three tips for choosing the best outdoor fryer for what you want to make.

Introduction: Everyone loves fried food, and spring and summer are the perfect times for backyard fish fries and more. An outdoor fryer lets you cook for a crowd while keeping all the oil, heat and mess out of the kitchen. Hook your fryer up to a propane tank and you can cook all kinds of things, from French fries to a whole turkey.



After you drain the oil from your fryer, you can filter it through a fine strainer, refrigerate it and use it two or three more times. Recycle or dispose of it properly. Pouring cooking oil down a drain can lead to clogged pipes.

King Kooker


To measure the right amount of oil for frying a turkey, stand the bird upright in the pot and add water until it just covers the bird. Pull the turkey out and measure the water level. Fill to that level with oil.



A big advantage of air fryers is that they allow you to use rubs to add flavor to your turkey. Apply a dry rub to your bird up to 12 hours before cooking.