Four super portable ground blinds

Is it time to ditch your pop-up?

blind in the woods
Stay out of sight.Amazon

Don’t get us wrong, pop-up blinds are great. They afford plenty of cover to tag even the weariest of critters. But if you want to be aggressive and stay on the move—in hopes of, say, running-and-gunning a gobbler—you’d be wise to opt for something more portable. We’ve rounded up four ground blind alternatives, including one particularly clever mirror setup that is easy to carry.

Hunters Specialties Ground Blind
A basic three-pole setup that goes up quickly and easily.Amazon

This Hunters Specialties model is a basic ground blind, the sort that legions of turkey and deer hunters have come to rely on. Patterned in Realtree Xtra camo, the three-pole setup quickly and easily stakes into the ground. At 8 feet wide and an adjustable 18 to 27 inches tall, it should afford plenty of cover in most hunting situations. Sure, it’s nothing fancy, but it’s among the cheapest options on our list.

GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind
A clever setup that mirrors its surroundings.Amazon

On the opposite end of the price spectrum from the Hunters Specialties ground blind is the 12-pound GhostBlind 4-Panel, a portable, hyper-realistic, four-panel mirror blind. That’s right—it’s a mirror. As such, it’s designed to tilt slightly forward, to reflect the ground and perfectly blend in, while also eliminating sun glare and ensuring that game doesn’t see its reflection. The blind is dang clever, but it will cost you, though. It’s easily the most expensive option on our list.

Alpha Cam Two-Panel One-Way-See-Through Blind
Actually easy to set up.Amazon

Maybe it’s just us, but four-walled pop-up ground blinds are never quite as easy to set up or as portable as they promise. The Alpha Cam Two-Panel One-Way-See-Through Blind strikes a good balance between such blinds and pole-and-fabric setups, like the Hunters Specialties Ground Blind. It has two panels, with one-way shooting windows that provide good cover without much bulk. To wit, it weighs only 3.9 pounds and collapses down to smaller than a camping chair, so it’s easy to schlep around the woods.

Ameristep 3D Leafy Poncho
Lightweight, wearable camo.Amazon

If you really can’t find a portable ground blind that you like, maybe it’s time to go full ghillie suit, or at least something similar to one. Patterned in Realtree Max 4, the Ameristep 3D Leafy Poncho weighs 1.45 pounds, thus adding almost no weight to your pack. In fairness, it’s more like a ghillie Snuggie than a ghillie suit, since it’s designed to be pulled over your head once you’re seated and since it lacks distinct armholes. Still, it’ll do wonders to break up your silhouette.