We’ve all been driving at night and noticed someone running or riding a bike on the side of the road with no lights or reflective gear and had to swerve a bit. It’s scary and dangerous. Don’t be that person. Reflective gear is easy-to-bring and lightweight, plus it may well save your life. Below, a few of the most common items you may need.

Running, walking or riding, stay visible. Amazon

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During the day this may hardly qualify as a vest, but at night, in headlights, it will light you up super bright. The vest has reflective tape for oncoming cars and also has front and back LED strobe lights. The ultra-bright lights have a long battery life and will alert even sleepy drivers. It’s also lightweight and easy to wear.

Don’t mess with Fido’s life. Amazon

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If you’re worried a motorist won’t see you at night, you should be even more nervous about your dog. But this vest will fix any worries of Fido blending into the night sky. It can change between eight solid colors and six multicolor flashing and slow fading color modes. The harness offers 360 degree illumination, reflectivity and fluorescence and can be visible up to half a mile away. The recharging battery offers up to 12 hours of illumination.

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If a vest isn’t for you, we understand. Consider these glow in the dark armbands. The basic model is perfect for any minimalist working out at night. Strap them to your arms and alert any passing motorist as your arms move. The batteries last between 50 and 70 hours and come in a variety of colors.

Don’t clothesline yourself in the dark. Amazon

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It may not seem intuitive, but reflective rope is really handy in camp. Use this to anchor your tent to a tree, and then be able to see it at night. Tie down gear on your truck and be able to find it in any condition. This cord is lightweight and tough; you won’t regret adding it to the gear in your truck, camper or car.