A submersible utility pump is one of those hands-to-the-forehead items—so simple, so useful, you can’t believe you hadn’t thought of it before. Whether you’re trying to move water out of a toilet tank or water heater to clean the appliance, empty an ornamental water feature in the yard or pump out a flooded utility room, these handy, inexpensive tools have a ton of uses. They’re easy to employ, a snap to move from place to place and a great insurance policy to have on hand, because when you need one, you really need it right now. Here are three things to consider when you’re thinking about a submersible utility pump.

Removable Base

This powerful unit will lift water 30 vertical feet and works in both salt and fresh water applications. Superior Pump

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Pumps vary widely in the amount of water they will move, and how high they are capable of lifting it. Even pumps with the same size motors handle water very differently. Some will lift only 10 feet or so, which is adequate for many uses. But check to make sure. There are pumps that are capable of lifting water 25 and even 30 feet.

Connects to Garden or Discharge Hoses

This product comes with a 1.5-inch NPT discharge and a ¾-inch adapter. Superior Pump

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Most submersible utility pumps are light enough to move around with ease. Some, however, are designed more for use in garden features, aquariums and pools. If you need a pump to fit into a tight space, make sure it’s small enough, and add in the space required for a hose to handle the water output.

Long Power Cord

This product is made with suction-cup feet for multiple mounting positions on pool and garden feature liners. VIVOSUN

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For general home use, a submersible pump designed for freshwater applications works just fine. But if you live near the coast and are susceptible to flooding or even heavy wind-driven salt spray, you’ll definitely want to opt for a stainless-steel pump rated for saltwater environments.