An angler could spend his or her entire life trying to perfect trout fishing and still not quite arrive. For many, that’s the beauty in the sport. Fortunately, you don’t need to be perfect to catch fish, but the right lures sure help. We’ve narrowed it down to four good options whether you’re a beginner or one of those career anglers.

Grab their attention. Amazon

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This Panther Martin boasts a unique shaft through the blade design that creates the “easiest and fastest spinning action in the world.” We can’t verify if, indeed, it’s the fastest in the world. But it is definitely fast. The heavy weighted bodies go deep and the super sharp hooks will ensure the fish stays on the end of your line.

Dive and rise. Amazon

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The original Rapala was carefully crafted to dive and rise when you need it to. The nose carries it down to depths where fish are hanging. The floating body means it also comes back up, allowing you to constantly cruise through a series of water levels. Two treble hooks, one on the belly and one on the tail, ensure when that big brown trout bites, it can’t let go.

Keep this one with you. Amazon

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Cast epic distances and create plenty of flash underwater with these solid brass lures. The company lists them as ideal for salmon, steelhead and other salt water species. We tend to agree. And better yet, they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns giving you plenty of options.

Bring them up from the deep. Amazon

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This miniature-sized fishing lure is the perfect size for ice fishing for big trout. It perfectly mimics a forage fish, especially when jigged aggressively through your hole. It flashes and it flutters, sure to bring trout from nearby expecting to find a wounded minnow. The strong treble hook at the bottom keeps the trout you catch on your line.