Walleye fishing isn’t easy. But what it lacks in ease it makes up for in entertainment. And fortunately, there are some lures that will help you along the way. Not sue where to get started? We broke down four perfect lures for four situations. Go ahead, catch fish.

A hole in one. Amazon

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You may think a jig is a jig, but walleye don’t. These Lindy Slick jigs, which come in a variety of colors, should be a go-to in your tackle box. They’re made to imitate natural bugs and have a unique weight-forward design. Slip on a worm or a minnow and reel those walleye in.

Don’t lose your minnow. Amazon

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This complicated series of hooks and line will be the ticket in waters where it’s legal to fish with live bait. Each lure has two hooks with three inches between the hooks. It comes in three blade styles and is tied with #17 monofilament line. Choose a few colors to maximize your chances of success.

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Why mess with perfection? The Wally Diver Lure has a perfectly designed nose to let you keep your bait exactly where you need it. It comes with two treble hooks for maximum effectiveness. And it also has nearly a dozen color and pattern options giving you plenty of choices if nothing bites the first time.

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This jigging lure might look a little gnarly—with a hook at the nose and tail and treble hook hanging below—but to a walleye it likely spells doom. It’s flashy enough to attract attention and has plenty of hooks to hang bait and catch a lip. The lure’s environmental zinc is weighted and it has a balanced design.