We’re going to assume you already have at least one no-frills water bottle that you take on hunting and fishing trips. The four top-rated bottles we’ve compiled in this list are not that. They’re upgrades—tricked-out in one way or another for improved hydration afield. Whether you’re looking to purify dirty water or secretly stash your ID and keys, we’ve got you covered.

A no-fuss way to clean potentially contaminated water. Amazon

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Touted as the world’s fastest portable water purifier, the Grayl Geopress allegedly removes all pathogens from contaminated water, as well as pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals, to ensure your drinking supply is in the backcountry. First, remove the cap-filter component and fill the bottle with water. Next, reinsert the cap-filter piece and push down, forcing water through the purifying cartridge into the inner, 24-ounce bottle. Then you drink. Like we said, easy. The cartridge is good for 350 uses.

A storage compartment will keep your keys and ID safe and dry yet close at hand. Amazon

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The 24-ounce, stainless-steel Bindle Bottle is a quality water bottle in all the normal ways: It keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot ones for 12, thanks to its double-wall, vacuum-insulated design. It also comes in a neat throwback camo pattern. What really distinguishes the Bindle Bottle, though, is the secret, waterproof storage compartment at the bottom, perfect for stashing keys, an ID, and a fishing license while on an all-day float or wet-wading excursion.

A camo bottle with offseason applications. Amazon

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Elk season approaches. Are you in shape to climb some mountains? If not, the gym is calling your name. Come ready with the Big Bertha. The camo-patterned, stainless-steel bottle not only holds 40 ounces but also doubles as a workout roller, ideal floor exercises and for stretching your calves, back, quads, and hamstrings. Which could also come in handy if you pull something while afield.

A large-capacity, vacuum-insulated bottle that won’t break the bank. Amazon

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There’s a mountain of different vacuum-insulated water bottles on the market. There are precious few, however, that hold 128 ounces of fluid like the RTIC—which also happens to be less than half the price of Yeti’s comparable jug offering. The 3.15-pound RTIC is designed to keep beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 6 hours.