Coyote Hunting!

What do 500 hardcore hunters do once deer season comes to a close? Well, go coyote hunting, of course. By … Continued

Deputy Editor Gerald Bethge was at the first-ever Sullivan County, New York coyote contest Feb 8-10. With $2,000 prize awarded to the hunter with the biggest coyote, sportsmen came out in droves to participate. Here he is, above, inspecting a coyote pelt. Outdoor Life Online Editor
An adult male coyote that’s a bit worn in the tooth. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Radio collars help track coyote movement. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Ear tags removed from a collared male coyote. Outdoor Life Online Editor
A radio-collared male that was taken on Saturday morning. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Hunt officials track the day’s take and method of harvest. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Warren Krum skins a big coyote. Outdoor Life Online Editor
A 45-pound comes to the scales. Outdoor Life Online Editor
The hide of the hunt’s biggest coyote. Outdoor Life Online Editor
This black male coyote was taken in Ulster County, New York. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Warren Krum skins a mature male coyote. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Hides from Saturday’s hunt lie ready for the stretchers. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Hunters gather in Warren Krum’s skinning shed. Outdoor Life Online Editor
The pelt from the radio-collared coyote. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Winner Robert Mir from Liberty, New York accepts congratulations- and a check for $2,200 from Sullivan County Federation of Sportsmen Club’s Jack Danchak. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Hunters celebrated the weekend’s events with a roast beef supper. Outdoor Life Online Editor

What do 500 hardcore hunters do once deer season comes to a close? Well, go coyote hunting, of course. By Gerald Bethge.