Week of July 5, 2004

Stephen Lawson of Jamestown, N.Y., landed this 15-pound 3-ounce walleye, the second biggest in the New York record book.
James Fawcett of Old Greenwich, Conn., was bear hunting with his father and godfather when he took this 328-pound bruin. It was the largest of the season at his spring bear camp.
Dan Norton of Hodgon, Maine, caught these brookies (4 and 5 pounds, respectively) while fishing a pond in the northern part of the state.
On his last cast of the day, 8-year-old Nolan Sprengeler of Green Isle, Minn., caught this jumbo largemouth bass off the fish dock at Lake Waconia.
This monster whitetail, shot by Jay Schwartz of Columbia Station, Ohio, sported a rack with an outside spread of 24½ inches.
Ritchie Bennett of Cohoctah, Mich., shot this 52-inch Ontario bull moose on the third day of his hunt. He took the moose with his bow at 25 yards.
Buck Fuller of Lake Worth is lucky to live near the great canal fishing of southern Florida. While he was casting a popper fly, this peacock bass exploded out of the water, putting up a prize fight.
Clayton Nichols of San Antonio, Tex., battled this 5-pound 4-ounce carp for 20 minutes in a creek near his house. He was fishing with ultralight tackle.
On the first hunt of her life, Jan McClure of Hendersonville, N.C., shot this muley at 125 yards while hunting on public land in Colorado.
This 3×4 blacktail buck carries a rack most whitetail hunters dream about (inside spread of 21½ inches). Robert Rippee, Sr., of Chico, Calif., shot the buck during California's C-4 Zone season.
The first mule deer shot by Aaron DeGracia of Suisun City, Calif., was this 4×4 with a 27-inch spread. It weighed 235 pounds field-dressed.
Kay Turley of Avery, Idaho, shot this 1,100-pound moose last year. Her .30/06 had never been fired before sighting it in for this hunt.