Survival Gear

You need essential tools for fire starting and making shelter, and our gear reviews and tips will help equip you to survive.



Knowledge is essential in an emergency or survival situation, but often your ability to self-rescue is only as good as the gear you carry. The most basic survival tools, like blades and fire starters, are critical for ensuring you stay safe and sound in the backcountry, or in the event of an unexpected night spent outside or on the road. We dedicate much of our survival gear coverage to the most basic tools a survivalist needs in his or her kit: knives, fire-starters, and first-aid kits.

But we review and recommend all the other great gear that will help you succeed in the woods and self-rescue in an emergency, including water filters, shelf-stable foods, GPS devices, signaling equipment, emergency blankets, bug-out-bags, survival guns, multi-tools, and more. We review the best books to read for instruction and information, and the most reliable equipment that our experts trust when we head afield.