fell a tree
Tim MacWelch

Whether you’re at deer camp cutting firewood or you’re dropping timber for a new shelter or cabin, you don’t want to get killed in the process. Tree felling can be a dangerous activity, survival situation or not. So it’s critical to pay close attention to all of the elements that concern your personal safety. Before you pick up an ax and start swinging, consider these vital safety tips.

1) Understand that every tree is different, and each one should be assessed before the tools come out.

2) Study each tree carefully to identify lean, cracks, rotten areas, dead branches, dead tops, and other hazards.

3) Clear your work area around the trunk. Plan and clear your escape routes away from the trunk, before you start cutting.

4) Never try to fell trees on windy days, as these are very dangerous conditions.

5) Always wear protective gear and work with a partner (who is nearby, but out of the tree’s range).