Survival Skills

All the skills you need to make fires, build shelters, administer first-aid, sharpen knives, find food, navigate, and get rescued in survival situations.



You can own every great new gizmo on the market, but if you don’t know how to use your equipment and what to do in a survival situation, then you’re in deep trouble. Every outdoorsman and woman should have the expertise to start fires, build shelter, obtain potable water, administer first-aid and find their way home. Here we discuss the best ways to accomplish these tasks, along with next-level tips and techniques for more advanced preppers and survivalists who want to focus on areas of natural disasters, urban survival, emergency medicine, off-the-grid homesteading, and personal defense.

We also publish advice for the folks more interested in developing their woodcraft and bushcraft, including how to tie knots, sharpen knives, navigate with map and compass, and more. Our articles and videos dive into all these survival skills, including the most useful techniques for fire-making, shelter-building, foraging, trapping, plant identification, camp cooking, navigation, hydration, first-aid, emergency signaling, and more.