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Watch: Wyoming Couple Gored by a Buck in Their Driveway

Wanda Kaynor was hospitalized after the encounter and is still recovering from her injuries. Her husband Daniel was also injured
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Evanston couple attacked by mule deer

Wanda and Daniel Kaynor suffered multiple injuries during their encounter with a mule deer buck. KSLTV / Instagram

A doorbell camera caught a grisly encounter between an Evanston, Wyoming couple, their three dogs, and a startled mule deer buck on Thursday, Oct. 6. The footage starts when Wanda Kaynor steps outside on her way to her car, waking the buck up from a nap in the shade on their driveway. At first, it just stands there staring at her, but then their small dog runs at the buck, which lowers its antlers and charges. The buck corners the dog up against the front right tire of the Kaynors’ Toyota.

Once Wanda sees the deer attacking their dog, she runs at the buck screaming and swinging a bag. The buck turns its attention to her, charging with its head down and driving her to the ground just below the camera. She grasps onto one antler with one hand trying to hold the deer at bay, but the buck appears to be stronger. At this point, her husband Daniel runs outside. He grabs the deer’s antlers and tries to steer it away from Wanda, receiving a puncture wound of his own around his waist. Wanda escapes into the house while Daniel corrals the dogs behind the parked car. He calls for Wanda to unlock the car so he can get the dogs to safety.

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According to an interview with KSLTV, Wanda received seven puncture wounds and damaged a vertebrae in her back upon falling to the ground. She is currently hospitalized and they expect she will require a few weeks in a rehab facility. A UPS driver who was delivering a package across the street rushed to their aid, lifting Wanda into a neighbor’s car so she could get to the emergency room. Daniel is also recovering from his injury.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has since euthanized the buck to avoid future encounters. The southwestern corner of Wyoming is a hotbed for mule deer, since the high desert habitat provides the open spaces and shrubby growth they tend to prefer. Deer defend themselves with their antlers when they feels startled or threatened, which has led to more than a few gorings in the past.