Featured in Springfield ENE

A Western hunter readies himself for a shot behind his bolt-action rifle, which is resting on a fence post.
A hunter's hand adjusting the position and height of a pair of shooting sticks on the stock of a scoped Springfield rifle.
A hunter steadies his Springfield Waypoint bolt-action rifle on top of a shooting bag resting on a branch in a snowy field.
A side-by-side comparison on a paper rifle target of a group of five bullet holes, slightly larger than the tighter group of three bullet holes.
A camo-stocked bolt-action rifle, topped with a black scope, lying on top of a paper target with two zeroing groups.
A hunter looks through the scope on his deer rifle, resting on a branch, in the snowy woods.
A rifle with a plastic cleaning tube in the bore, the bolt removed, a spray bottle of solvent, and a tupperware on a green felt pad.