illustration of hog hunter
Tony Shasteen

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Hog Wild: Jacob Black, Tennille, Georgia

illustration of hunters in a stand
One evening my girlfriend and I were deer hunting on a pine plantation. My little brother, Adam, was hunting a stand three rows away. Tony Shasteen
illustration of hogs stampeding near two hunters
As the sun set, I heard a shot, hogs squealing, and my brother yelling. I climbed down and sprinted to his stand. I thought he was being attacked! A sounder of 50 hogs was stampeding toward the creek, running between me and Adam. I couldn’t tell what was wrong, but he was yelling about something… Tony Shasteen
illustration of running hog being shot by hunter
…when I noticed movement to my right. I spun around just as a wounded sow came charging straight at me! I had just enough time to bring my rifle up and get off a shot at point-blank range. The hog hit the dirt right in front of me! Tony Shasteen
illustration of hunters standing next to three dead hogs
When it was all over, we had killed three hogs without getting trampled. Tony Shasteen

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