This Happened to Me: Selfie-Defense

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Selfie Defense: Michael Tentnowski, Playmouth, NH

this happened to me bear attack
While visiting Glacier national park, I woke up early to fish a nearby lake. I’d made a couple of casts when...Tony Shasteen
this happened to me selfie defense
...I got snagged on a back cast. i tried to yank free without luck. I turned around to find i’d woken a big black bear, 20 feet away in the bushes.Tony Shasteen
this happened to me bear attack
He charged me, growling and clicking his teeth! With the frigid lake at my back, I was cornered!Tony Shasteen
this happened to me bear attack
I decided to document my demise, and reached for the camera in my belt case. when I opened the flap, the velcro made a loud noise and it spooked the black bear! He spun and took off into the woods. I didn’t get a picture, but I did get off easy.Tony Shasteen

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