Week of May 9, 2004

Nine-year-old Keenan Polanco, from Silver City, N.Mex., took his first buck from 180 yards on the last day of his November 2002 hunt.
Kellen Stuart, 10, of Morrison, Colo., singlehandedly caught and landed two 23-pound northern pike in one day on a Saskatchewan reservoir.
Tyler Young of Fox Creek, Alberta, was hunting along a draw on his favorite ridge when a doe busted from some brush. This big buck was following right behind her.
The Karnedy kids of Nokomis, Fla., continued a tradition of hunting with their grandfather and tagged this nice buck at a Vermont deer camp.
Years ago, Texas introduced redfish into fresh water. They thrive on shad, as seen by this 22-pounder caught by Ron Diver of Schertx, Tex.
Tim Stewart, left, of Lewisville, Tex., travels annually to his brother's farm in West Virginia during rifle season. On the last trip he took this eight-point buck, the biggest on the land so far.
LxWxH = 1 Big Buck
This heavy-beamed eight-pointer was taken in Buffalo County, Neb., by high school math teacher Roger Thomsen of Kearney. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Using a 5½-foot ultralight rod and 10-pound-test line, Irv Miles of Findlay, Ohio, managed to boat this 16-pound walleye in Quebec's Trout Lake.
Nathon Havel of Brussels, Wis., gave thanks for this bruiser whitetail he tagged on Thanksgiving morning. The buck had 14 points and an 18-inch spread and weighed 172 pounds.
Tom Jones of Oswego, N.Y., watched as this trophy buck bedded 100 yards from his stand. Finally, at 4 p.m., he got up and came within range.
A pea-sized chunk of green sponge is all it took for Mark Kuhns of Grand Gorge, N.Y., to lure this 24-pound chinook on the Salmon River.
Corey Goff of Delmar, Del., took this eight-pointer on the last day of the shotgun season. His dad, Steve, was shown with his whitetail in our first Deer of the Year feature in 1997.