Use a Knee Brace to Add Miles to Your Hunt

If you suffer from weak or injured knees, a simple support can ease your pain and make it easier to hike farther

Patient and doctor with knee brace
If you participate in any sort of activity that impacts your knees, a brace or strap is likely in your future.Cambivo

If outdoorsmen rely on one joint more than any other, it’s the knee. Sooner or later we all fight the effects of age, mileage, or injury. Hunting with a knee brace can prevent further deterioration and give you the support to keep going when it matters most, like packing out an 80-pound elk quarter. Here are a few types of knee braces that can help.

Compression Sleeves

Powerlix knew compression brace
A compression sleeve can help alleviate, but not heal, your knee pain.Powerlix

Compression sleeves add just a touch of extra support and security by consolidating the entire joint and muscle mass to absorb shock in a more unified way. It distributes load and stabilizes any loose fittings, so to speak. For generalized knee pain with no specific diagnosis, experimenting with a compression sleeve is literally the first step in the right direction.

Strap Braces

Woman wearing knee brace
Strap braces provide slightly more leg support than a compression sleeve.Bodyprox

For even more support, a strap-style knee brace offers greater adjustability to place pressure exactly where you need it most. An open-patella brace is great for increased mobility while alleviating pain associated with meniscus and ACL injuries, patella disorders, and arthritis.

Patella Tendon Straps

iPow patella strap knee brace
If you engage in high-impact activities, a patella strap can provide knee relief.Ipow

In many instances, a simple patella strap is all that is necessary to stabilize the joint and eliminate pain associated with patellar tendonitis, or so-called runner's knee. A patella strap is suitable for any sport involving jumping and pounding, including backcountry hiking and hunting. They are simple, affordable, and an easy way to find relief from patellar tendon inflammation.