Indigenous people the world over have used bone and antler to fashion tools of myriad design—projectile points for hunting among them. I have personally shot one animal (a bison) with a self-made bow and antler tipped arrow, and while penetration was not stellar, it was adequate. All bone and antler will sharpen to a decent edge, but I have been told that the leg bone from a pronghorn antelope gets the sharpest. Watch this video to see how to make your own antler or bone point, and mount it on a wood shaft.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Piece of antler or bone

  2. Hacksaw or bandsaw

  3. Rasps or belt sander

  4. Dremel and/or round needle file.

  5. Flat file

  6. Sand paper

  7. Pitch pine glue (or 5-min. epoxy)

  8. Sinew