Waterfowl Hunting

How to shoot more ducks and geese, train your retriever, and find the best waterfowl gear. Find waterfowl hunting tips and tactics from Outdoor Life.


If your idea of fun involves 3 a.m. wake-up calls and your favorite weather forecast calls for sleet and storms, then you’ve come to the right place. Outdoor Life is your go-to for the best waterfowl tips, tactics, and adventures. Come for the advice, and stay for the storytelling. From early-season goose and teal to peak-season greenheads and late-season snows, our articles will connect you with the best expert duck-hunting tips and the hardcore tactics you need to fill your limit. We’ll cover the hottest new duck- and goose-hunting gear, like calls, decoys, shotguns, ammo, blinds, and more.

You can also find quick tips for stepping up your spreads or gaining access and private-property permission. We interview seasoned guides about their secret tactics and favorite strategies, and profile the most interesting and dialed-in hunters we know to help you learn even more about your favorite sport. We’ll also cover species-specific tactics for mallards, teal, woodies, pintails, gadwalls, canvasbacks, sea ducks, Canada geese, snow geese, and more.