3 Ways to Haul Your Fishing Tackle Trays

After you organize your lures, baits, and tools, a tackle box or bag will help you pack it all to the water

tackle trays
A tackle bag or box will help you quickly find what your looking for so you can spend more time with your line in the water.KastKing

Plastic storage trays are hands down the best way to organize tackle across multiple species and angling methods. But you also need some way to store the trays themselves. Here are three solutions that will keep your gear close at hand and well-organized to maximize the time you spend fishing and minimize the time wasted searching for the right rig.


Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack with 4 Trays Large Waterproof
Tackle backpacks are great because you can haul a lot of gear while keeping your hands free.Amazon

A tackle-storage backpack is ideal for anglers on foot, in a kayak, or with limited space in a small boat, and riverbank and lakeshore anglers love the ability to fish while hiking with their gear. Backpack systems are great if you’re carrying multiple rods or a cooler and need to keep both hands free so you can hopefully make it to the water’s edge in one trip, like you would if you’re beach fishing.

Shoulder Bags

KastKing Fishing Tackle Bags
Tackle bags make it easy to store and organize a large amount of tackleAmazon

Shoulder bags offer great stowage capacity for anglers who may want to keep their entire arsenal in the hold of a boat or the back of a vehicle. Just grab whatever the day calls for and go! Look for heavy duty, preferably self-healing zippers with oversized pulls and compartments compatible with the size of boxes you’re using. Gadget loops, tie downs, mesh pockets, and plush padding all make traditional shoulder bags a widely favored storage system.


Plano Angled Tackle System
Solid tackle boxes protect your gear and aren’t susceptible to corrosion.Amazon

Hard-sided tray boxes are also compatible with tackle storage trays. They’ll take any abuse you can throw at them, and you don’t have to worry about zippers seizing up from corrosion over time. Hard-sided storage cases are often sold with some integrated trays included because there is less flexibility in which sizes a solid case can accommodate.