Deer Hunting

How to hunt bigger bucks on private land and public land. Find whitetail hunting tips and strategies from Outdoor Life.



The opening day of deer season is the most important holiday in whitetail country, and we're here to celebrate. Whether you're after a giant buck on private farm ground in Iowa, or you're chasing does to fill the freezer on public forest land in Pennsylvania, our experts have the tips and tactics to help you punch your tag. We also have great stories about the biggest bucks taken by hunters, plus some good stories about the ones that got away.

We've got our finger on the pulse of the deer hunting community to bring you the hottest trends and most important news around whitetail deer. From in-depth reports on chronic wasting disease to round ups of the best new deer hunting gear, we've got you covered. So get to scouting, hang your trail cameras and stands, clear you shooting lanes, and use our stories and videos to you have your best whitetail deer hunting season ever.