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New Guns 2014

From sleek upland bird shotguns, to long-range bolt-action rifles, to competition ARs, the 2014 SHOT Show had a little bit of everything for every kind of shooter or hunter.

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Rifle Skills and Tips

Marksmanship is a learned skill, not one we’re born with. This is good news for anyone who wants to become a better shot. Here's how.

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Guns Articles

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  • April 24, 2014

    Rifle Review: Winchester 1885 Low Wall - 0

    Photo by Rab Cummings

    What were you doing when you were 23 years old? John Browning, that industrious bugger, was designing a falling-block action for single-shot rifles. The year was 1878, and Browning and his brother were making these rifles by hand at their shop in Ogden, Utah.

    A few years later, an executive from Winchester visited Browning to purchase the design. A deal was struck, and in 1885 the first firearms of the Browning-Winchester collaboration started rolling off the production line in New Haven, Conn., marking the launch of the most formidable partnership in firearms history. [ Read Full Post ]

  • April 22, 2014

    3 Drills to Improve Your Defensive Shooting Skills - 0

    Photo by Lee Thomas Kjos/The Raw Spirit

    When you head to the range to develop defensive shooting skills, keep in mind that it should be about more than hitting targets. Too often, people merely work on their marksmanship and not on their ability to apply shooting skills in the context of an unexpected life-or-death situation. To do that, you need to work your brain as much as your trigger finger when you drill.

    Defensive shooting is something that happens unexpectedly, but this is the opposite of how most people drill at the range. After all, if you knew you were going to be in a position in which you would need a gun to defend yourself, you’d avoid it. That’s Self Defense 101: Avoid confrontation, be aware of your surroundings, and escape danger when possible. [ Read Full Post ]

  • April 22, 2014

    New Ares SCR: An AR-Style Rifle Without the Pistol Grip - 0

    Assuming that Darwin made it into heaven after spilling the beans about evolution, he is probably smiling from on high at the sight of the Ares SCR. This rifle is a perfect example of what happens when the do-gooders of the world take it upon themselves to protect us from evil. Once known as the EBR (still my favorite term), and has since become the MSR, Ares can now add the SCR to the family tree.

    The evil in question, of course, is that nasty pistol grip found on most AR-style rifles. To remedy that, Ares has created the Sport Convertible Rifle, which retains all the functionality of a basic AR but sports a more traditional style hunting stock.

    Ares is unveiling the rifle at the NRA annual meeting, which is being held this week in Indianapolis. It is one of the guns I’m most curious to check out, mostly because I want to see whether this rifle retains the excellent ergonomics of the traditional AR. (The fact that better ergonomics make for a safer rifle is an argument that would be lost on the anti-gun cabal.) [ Read Full Post ]

  • April 21, 2014

    Video: How Many Peeps can a .50 Cal Shoot Through? - 0

    We hope that you had a happy Easter. But, just incase you're absolutely sick of peeps, here's a little video to get you through your Monday.

    The guys from RatedRR lined up a long row of peeps and shot some super slow-motion video of a .50 caliber bullet blasting through them. [ Read Full Post ]

  • April 18, 2014

    Shooting Tips: How to Handle Rifle Recoil - 4

    Photo: Mitch Kezar/Windigo Images

    Accelerating a bullet from dead still to a couple thousand feet per second (or more) in the blink of an eye equals recoil. It’s Newton’s “equal and opposite reaction” to the bullet’s launch. Rifle weight and shape play into felt recoil, but they don’t change recoil’s kinetic energy, which is a function of the rifle’s mass and rearward velocity. And although bullet speed figures into energy calculation, its contribution to rifle “slap” does not. A bullet that exits fast dumps its energy fast. An 8-pound rifle hurling a 405-grain .45/70 bullet at 1,800 fps delivers about the same recoil as a .338 Magnum rifle of the same weight firing a 225-grain spitzer at 2,800 fps. But the .338 may feel friskier.  [ Read Full Post ]

  • April 15, 2014

    Shooting Tip: Blacken Your Iron Sights With Pitch Pine - 0

    Shooting well with iron sights can be a tricky business, but plenty of big bucks have fallen, numerous battlefields have been claimed, and scores of shooting competitions have been won using good old iron sights.

    Whether you are sighting in a rifle before heading for the woods, or preparing for a competition, this tip will improve your game. [ Read Full Post ]

  • April 11, 2014

    Personal Defense: Carry in Comfort With These 3 Holster Options - 1

    Photo by Mitch Kezar/Windigo Images

    The decision to carry a firearm for personal protection raises the critical question of how you plan to carry. Having a firearm on your person requires that you find a solution that fits your lifestyle and local ordinances, and meets basic criteria for comfort and ease of access.

    Keeping a weapon or two on my body became a daily reality in 2000, when I entered into law enforcement as a profession. Shortly after this, I began to experiment with different methods of carry, both on and off duty. I now carry pistols (plural) on me just about daily, and I have arranged my lifestyle and clothing to accommodate this choice. [ Read Full Post ]