Andrew McKean

Andrew McKean

Hunting and Conservation Editor

Andrew McKean is Outdoor Life’s hunting and conservation editor, drilling into issues that affect wildlife, wild lands, and the people who care about them. He’s also OL’s optics editor, helping readers to make informed buying decisions. He lives outside Glasgow, Montana, where he hunts every day and season he can.


Expertise and interests include Western big-game hunting, upland and waterfowl hunting, optics testing, and natural history

      Background in interviewing, reporting, and explaining complex, contentious issues

      National leader in efforts to recruit new and diverse hunters and anglers

      A public-policy nerd, sharply focused on those that affect our ability to hunt, fish, and recreate on public land



McKean has hunted and fished around the world. His journey began in weekly newspapers in dust-country towns before he became editor of Rocky Mountain Fishing & Hunting News. He later worked for Montana’s wildlife agency as an educator and communicator before joining Outdoor Life as Hunting Editor in 2008. He worked as OL’s executive editor and editor-in-chief for 10 years before returning to the hunting and conservation beats. He has interviewed a wide range of policy makers, covered issues as diverse as wildlife diseases and Native American hunting rights, and eagerly anticipates his next hunting trip.


McKean graduated from Grinnell College in Iowa with a history degree.

Words of Wisdom

“A dull knife is a dangerous knife’ doesn’t just refer to blades. Get sharp to keep yourself safe.”

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