While a shoe dryer might seem a frivolous accessory to some, they are essential to those who spend time outdoors in cold, wet climates. From the kid’s sneakers to Dad’s hunting boots, ski boots, waders, and gloves, an electric dryer can extend the life of your gear, prevent foot fungus, and keep you from starting out chilled when it’s time to head back out into the wet and wild. If you are thinking about investing in a shoe and boot dryer before winter kicks in, here’s what to look for.

Works on All Materials

Removes sweat, odor and moisture to keep your tootsies healthy and comfortable. Peet

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Most foot dryers have just a couple ports for drying one pair of boots or shoes at a time. If you have a large family or, perhaps, are running a business that requires you to keep clients warm and dry, consider a multi-tube dryer to get the job done.

Whisper Quiet

This model works on four garments simultaneously. DryGuy

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Footwear that can benefit from a dryer ranges from a simple pair of sneakers or loafers to knee-high boots and even waders. Look for an appliance with telescoping tube heights to accommodate whatever range of footwear your lifestyle calls for.

Gentle Enough for Delicates

Rotation means you won’t warp, shrink or otherwise harm leather or fabric. DryGuy

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If you really need maximum versatility from a dryer, a model with articulating tubes allows you to lay waders, ski pants, snow suits, jackets, and just about any other garment in a position that will help it dry out. To avoid over-drying, which can cause leather and other fabrics to crack, look for a dryer with an integrated timer so the device doesn’t overwork your footwear.