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  • new rod reel combos 2018

    Want to take the guesswork out of pairing up a fishing rod and reel? These 10 combos have you covered

    Want to take the guesswork out of pairing up a fishing rod and reel? These 10 combos have you covered.
  • concealed carry

    Plus: 1.5 Million Suppressors Legally Registered with the ATF

    Just in case the nationwide restraining order that prevents Defense Distributed from posting its 3-D printable firearm blueprints on the internet isn’t enough to degrade…
  • heavier hunting arrow heads

    This arrow will break bones, not the bank

    This arrow will break bones, not the bank.
  • two hunting dogs standing on a truck hood and a hunter in the driver seat

    The bawling of a blackmouth cur is music to a pig hunter's ears. But once that hog bays up, the real excitement begins

    It took Randy Brown a decade of researching, testing, and bredding dogs before he was able to assemble a pack that perfectly fits his style of pig hunting.
  • The basics of custom rod building

    There are many reasons to build your own rod, the most obvious of which is that you can craft one to your exact specifications. Gone are the days of “you can get any…
  • best hunting rifles for hunting in the west

    From beloved lever guns to modern marvels that are sure to become new classics, this lineup of rifles has a little something for all Western hunters

    ure, any number of guns will get the job done. But the rifle you choose for an opening day hunt in the West says a lot about who you are as a hunter. And, the memories…
  • illustration of a buck and crossbow hunter

    A huge buck, a botched shot, and a tiny midwest town where the good old days of deer hunting still endure

    Brett Courson and his buddies like to hunt (they’re almost all rifle hunters), and they like to shoot big deer. But somehow in this little pocket of Kansas, an obsession…
  • Pelican Catch Series Pedal Drive

    Pro kayak angler Elias Vaisberg picks the 5 hottest new gear items to hit the showroom floor

    ICAST is the largest annual fishing trade show in the country. The show features every kind of fishing product you can imagine, from lures to clothes to lights for your…
  • smith and wesson compact handgun

    Including the S&W M&P 9 2.0, and more

    The appeal is easy to see. A 15+1 magazine capacity in a pistol that is easily concealed and joyable to shoot is a winning combo.

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  • alex robinson
    Robinson is OL's digital guru. He likes bowhunting, muddy duck dogs, and good Facebook videos.
  • tyler freel
    Freel calls Alaska home. If it can be hunted, fished, or trapped, he does it there, but hunting Dall sheep is his biggest passion.
  • natalie krebs
    Krebs is OL's senior editor. She’s partial to deer and turkey hunting, but lives in NYC, where she must resort to bowhunting rats and pigeons.
  • john snow
    Snow is OL's Shooting Editor. He lives in Montana with a French Pointer that gives him dirty looks whenever he picks up a rifle instead of a shotgun.