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  • public land package

    The Senate passed the Natural Resources Management Act S. 47 earlier this week, now it heads to the House

    On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate passed the largest public lands bill that we’ve seen in a decade. It approved the bill by an overwhelming 98-2 vote. The legislation, known…
  • wickiup survival shelter

    Makeshift habitats you can build to survive a crisis during the coldest months of the year

    When you find yourself wet or poorly dressed in the winter wilds, or you’re just stuck somewhere unexpectedly for the night, you need to be able to build a shelter using…
  • predator pelt shooting

    If you simply want to kill a furbearer, then shoot a large load. But if you want to protect and preserve the pelt, consider these three options

    Three of the best rifle cartridges for shooting furbearing predators without causing catastrophic damage to the pelt.
  • new hunting knives gear test

    We put the top folders, fixed blades, and replaceable blades through the wringer to see which models make the cut

    A head to head comparison of the latest knives from leading manufacturers to see which blades are the sharpest, most durable, and comfortable to handle in fishing or…
  • muzzleloader riflerifle detail

    If you've ever wanted to take wild game the way Jeremiah Johnson and Hugh Glass did, here's where to start

    Hunting wild game with primitive weapons and tools is a challenge, but with the right gear, it's one of the most unique experiences in the outdoors.
  • wahoo winter fishing

    When the seas get rough in paradise, test your back, shoulder, and arms on hard-hitting scissor jaws

    Wahoo migrate south during winter, and the key to finding fish, is following their favorite baits.
  • trout fishing in the net

    Take the guesswork out of egg-fly selection to catch more steelheead on Great Lakes tributaries from Minnesota to New York

    There is no single egg pattern that works better than others, but there are elements of egg patterns that can help you trigger a strike.
  • bowfishing asian carp

    A project to keep invasive Asian carp from entering Kentucky’s Lake Barkley that stalled because of the government shutdown is back on track

    Researchers hope an air compressor that produces bubbles continuously, along with a blaring underwater sound machine, will deter the bighead and silver subspecies of…
  • handgun and ammo in front of legal books

    Plus: Texas case may challenge the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act

    After nearly six years since several of his introduced gun-control bills died in committee in 2013, California Democrat Representative Mike Thompson has proposed a new…

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  • Q. The NEW 8.6 Creedmoor, is this the .300blk Improved?—BUCKSHOTT00 ANSWER THIS QUESTION
  • Q. My brother in Georgia built a monster box blind for deer hunting with his three grandsons. Any opinions?—GARY DEVINE ANSWER THIS QUESTION

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  • alex robinson
    Robinson is OL's digital guru. He likes bowhunting, muddy duck dogs, and good Facebook videos.
  • tyler freel
    Freel calls Alaska home. If it can be hunted, fished, or trapped, he does it there, but hunting Dall sheep is his biggest passion.
  • natalie krebs
    Krebs is OL's senior editor. She’s partial to deer and turkey hunting, but lives in NYC, where she must resort to bowhunting rats and pigeons.
  • john snow
    Snow is OL's Shooting Editor. He lives in Montana with a French Pointer that gives him dirty looks whenever he picks up a rifle instead of a shotgun.