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  • black lab retrieving duck from pond

    Don’t wait for the ducks and geese to come to you. Load the truck and hit the road for the best hunt of your season

    When it comes to waterfowl hunting road trips, there’s no guarantee you’ll shoot limits of birds every day. But with the right gear, hunting partners, and attitude, I…
  • voluntary public access
    The Farm Bill is the sweeping law that implements America’s food and agriculture policies. Each Farm Bill runs 5 years, with the current bill having expired on Sept. 30.
  • a paiute deadfall trap

    This clever trap well help you catch all sorts of rodents in a survival situation

    While there are plenty of traps to choose from, few of them show up in my bag of tricks as often as the Paiute deadfall. This clever trap dates back to the early Paiute…
  • concealed carry

    Plus: After $55M Revenue Decline, NRA Losing Traction In Elections, Laying Off NRATV Staff

    On Dec. 6, 2017, the U.S. House of Representatives approved the ‘Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017’ in a 231-198 vote and passed it along to the…
  • These 10 sticky tricks could save your skin in a survival situation

    This wonder tape has been used for jobs that the original duct tape developers never imagined. The versatile product can mend, bind, patch, repair, and replace many of…
  • stack of hunting books

    More than a dozen of the best hunting books you’ll ever read

    Some folks have a way with words. Fewer have skill with wilderness, hunting, and woodsmanship. Few indeed are those who possess both. The authors and books listed below…
  • corned tongue hash

    Terrific recipes for cooking one of the most overlooked, yet delicious, cuts of wild-game meat

    It really doesn’t matter what you do to dress it up, a wild-game tongue is just an unpleasant piece of meat to look at. Its no wonder most hunters choose to leave it…

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  • Q. The NEW 8.6 Creedmoor, is this the .300blk Improved?—BUCKSHOTT00 ANSWER THIS QUESTION
  • Q. My brother in Georgia built a monster box blind for deer hunting with his three grandsons. Any opinions?—GARY DEVINE ANSWER THIS QUESTION

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  • alex robinson
    Robinson is OL's digital guru. He likes bowhunting, muddy duck dogs, and good Facebook videos.
  • tyler freel
    Freel calls Alaska home. If it can be hunted, fished, or trapped, he does it there, but hunting Dall sheep is his biggest passion.
  • natalie krebs
    Krebs is OL's senior editor. She’s partial to deer and turkey hunting, but lives in NYC, where she must resort to bowhunting rats and pigeons.
  • john snow
    Snow is OL's Shooting Editor. He lives in Montana with a French Pointer that gives him dirty looks whenever he picks up a rifle instead of a shotgun.