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  • whitetail testes for cooking

    Time to get serious about using every part of the animal

    I’ve never eaten rocky mountain oysters, nor made them in my kitchen. But inspiration came after tagging my first whitetail in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. If…
  • deer on a hillside

    Here's a look at the ways we're bringing—and failing to bring—folks into the fold

    Hunters may sit in trees, but they don't grow on them. Here's a look at the ways we're pulling folks into the fold, how we’re failing, how to fix it, and how some…
  • Hunter numbers have been dwindling for decades; now the bottom is about to fall out of license-funded conservation. Here’s what went wrong and what you—yes, you—can do about it

    Baby boomers make up our nation's largest cohort of hunters, and they've already begun to age out of the sport. Within 15 years, most will stop buying licenses entirely.
  • dougherty hunting camp

    A New York hunting camp serves as a school for rookies, and higher education for hunters who want to keep learning

    For nearly 30 years, the Doughertys have introduced dozens of newbies to hunting at Kindred, in addition to offering experienced hunters a place to chase deer, and for…
  • young geese hunter in field

    Waterfowling is supposed to be on the decline, but don't tell that to these hard-charging, honkery chasing kids from Wisconsin

    This crew has been hunting outside of Greenleaf, Wisconsin, since they were little kids with their dads. Then on through high school, they used to race the bus to school…
  • Andrew McKean and Hilary Ribons with two tom turkeys

    This first-timer experiences the hard work, time commitment, and reward of hunting

    I grew up hiking, horseback riding, and spending as much time outdoors as possible, and it seemed like hunting might be a natural extension of that. But I considered it…
  • Bruce Beaman and his bull elk

    Younger generations might hunt differently, but the chase remains true to tradition

    At 71, I have become the old man in elk camp, which has grown to include a larger crew. This season arrived with 6 inches of fresh snow. As the seven members of our…
  • caty enders first whitetail hunt

    Can a novice learn to hunt, shoot, butcher, and prepare wild game in a single long weekend?

    The course, designed to quickly initiate new hunters into the shrinking ranks of the country's 11.5 million, promised to fast-track first-timers straight to the part…
  • Andrew McKean and Nick Ciafardone

    It was a question years in the making: Would you teach me how to hunt?

    I always had an interest in hunting, but I guess I missed out on being taught when I was a kid in Ohio. Then life started up, and it was just one of those things I never…

Seeing the Light

We tested the latest and greatest headlamp models with a range of features and prices.

By Natalie Krebs

—Individual Reviews —How We Test Headlamps

  • Headlamp field test

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  • Q. What would you do with only 38 minutes left before a NUKE attack???—TREESTAND ANSWER THIS QUESTION
  • Q. Is there a caliber missing from your collection? What do you need to add?—JHJIMBO ANSWER THIS QUESTION

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  • tony hansen
    Hansen is a whitetail and smallmouth junkie. A Spartan, a husband, a dad, and, above all, he is second.
  • tyler freel
    Freel calls Alaska home. If it can be hunted, fished, or trapped, he does it there, but hunting Dall sheep is his biggest passion.
  • andrew mckean
    McKean is OL's Predator-in-Chief. Bow, rifle, shotgun, slingshot—doesn't matter to him. He has hunted around the globe, but always comes home: Montana
  • john snow
    Snow is OL's Shooting Editor. He lives in Montana with a French Pointer that gives him dirty looks whenever he picks up a rifle instead of a shotgun.