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Learn the 10 Habits of Highly Successful Deer Hunters

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  • four bucks standing in a field near a wire fence

    Consistently tag larger whitetail bucks using a few tips and tricks from hunters who do it better than anyone

    I’ve been fortunate to hang around some pretty good deer hunters. I’ve studied their success and analyzed their failures, and noted a few things along the way. Here are…
  • handgun and ammo in front of legal books

    Plus: Judge rejects challenge to Florida’s bump stock ban

    U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds, R-South Dakota, on May 16 introduced the ‘Constitutional Carry States’ Rights Act,’ which seeks to close a loophole in the ‘Gun-Free School Zones…
  • sausage cooking over a campfire

    No pots, pans, or metal grill? No problem. Here’s everything you need to know about cooking over an open fire using items only found in the woods

    Most outdoor enthusiasts have at least cooked a marshmallow or a hot dog on a stick, but why stop there? If you take the time to learn these primitive culinary…
  • fly rod storage car
    If your vehicle’s roof is equipped with crossbars, you can outfit it with a holder made of common PVC tube. This system will allow you to safely transport your rod fully…
  • best bowhunting sights

    This new crop of bow sights utilizes built-in rangefinders and GPS to land broadheads like they're laser-guided missiles

    If there is a general theme to this year’s lineup, it would be range-finding bow sights. Here are 11 exciting new sights for bowhunting, 3-D archery and everything in…
  • collage of fathers day gift ideas

    Fishing- and hunting-themed gift ideas for dad this holiday

    If you’re stuck in the gift-card-gift rut, or if you just don’t know where to start shopping for this upcoming Father’s Day, here is a list of items to consider—any of…
  • handgun and ammo in front of legal books

    Plus: Firearms industry continues sales and employment slump

    After spurring a walk-out by students angered that gun-control zealots had hijacked a vigil to honor a fallen classmate and those injured in a school shooting at STEM…
  • the movie cover of castaway

    Can you really drink water from a vine, find food in a nuclear wasteland or heal bee stings with plants? Our expert weighs in on these ten classic movie survival scenes

    We check out some famous movie survival scenes from films like Cast Away, Rambo and The Hunger Games to figure out if they are real or just Hollywood movie magic.
  • wild hog hunting with dogs and hunting rig

    They may not be pretty, and they may not be fast, but these rigs will hunt. Here are 10 of the best purpose-built hunting vehicles to ever hit a two-track

    A good four-wheel-drive truck is an important tool for hunters whether they are in the backcountry of Alaska or the swamps of the Everglades. Here are 11 of the hardest…

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  • Q. My brother in Georgia built a monster box blind for deer hunting with his three grandsons. Any opinions?—GARY DEVINE ANSWER THIS QUESTION

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  • alex robinson
    Robinson is OL's digital guru. He likes bowhunting, muddy duck dogs, and good Facebook videos.
  • tyler freel
    Freel calls Alaska home. If it can be hunted, fished, or trapped, he does it there, but hunting Dall sheep is his biggest passion.
  • natalie krebs
    Krebs is OL's senior editor. She’s partial to deer and turkey hunting, but lives in NYC, where she must resort to bowhunting rats and pigeons.
  • john snow
    Snow is OL's Shooting Editor. He lives in Montana with a French Pointer that gives him dirty looks whenever he picks up a rifle instead of a shotgun.