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A Horrible Waste of an ATV


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You definitely won’t be taking one of these out on your next hunting trip, but for just 2 million yen (about $25,500) you will be able to brag to your friends about the Lambo parked in your garage. This bad boy is obviously marketed to the more-money-than-brains crowd.

The super deformed little Lamborghini Murcielago based on an ATV frame was built by some dudes in Japan. It might look cool, but the 50cc powerplant means this mini-Lambo sure can’t keep up with the real thing. See how a Yamaha Grizzly 660 fared against a real Lambo.

The specs are:

  • 50 CC 2 Stroke Engine
  • Front Double Wishbone Suspension
  • Rear Long Swing Arm Mono Suspension with a Lowering Coil Over
  • 18″ Front and Rear Wheels
  • 215/35/ ZR 18 Tires in the Front
  • 225/35/ ZR18 Tires in the Rear
  • 6 Color Options
  • LB Performance Body Kit
  • LB 640 Airbrushed Taillights
  • Halogen Headlights with High and Low Beams
  • JBL Sound System
  • Hydraulic System

If you have extra money to burn you can buy one on eBay for $26,995 plus $4,000 shipping or from this website for $31,000.