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5 Best Survival Uses of Krazy Glue

A bottle of Krazy glue, or similar adhesive, might seem like a weird item for a survival kit, as you probably won’t be mending any fine china collectibles out in the wild. The original cyanoacrylate was discovered in 1942 in a search for materials to make clear plastic gun sights for World War II. A team of scientists headed by Harry Wesley Coover Jr. came up with a formulation that stuck to everything it touched, giving rise to the variety of super adhesives we have today. Here are five uses for this high-strength glue that may inspire you to add a tube or bottle of it to your survival kit.

1. Wound Care – You’ll need to avoid the eyes, mouth, and any really tender real estate on your body, but Krazy Glue can be used to close up wounds most any place else. This should only be used as a back-up plan, if you don’t have proper medical care, butterfly strips, or sutures. Don’t pour glue into a cut. Close the wound, then apply the glue over the top to seal it shut. Make sure not to stick your fingers to the side of the wound. Trying to remove the stuck finger from the injured area can be unnecessarily painful and can reopen the wound. Don’t use any type of “super” adhesive on dental work or to reattach crowns or fillings. This stuff is way too poisonous for that.

2. Water Bottle Repair – While the chemistry in the average tube of Krazy Glue is quite toxic, you could use it to temporarily mend cracks and pinholes in water bottles and containers. This high-test glue seems to melt into lexan plastic and weld it shut. Let it dry for a few hours before bringing it into contact with water.

3. Boot Bandage – No matter how much you pay for a pair of boots, enough wear and tear will cause the tread or sole to delaminate from the uppers. Krazy Glue could be your cobbler in a bottle.

4. Hafting And Fletching – Get a grip on your situation and glue handles back onto small tools and equipment. A little Krazy Glue and some small-diameter line will help you attach feathers to arrow shafts and secure old fashioned arrowheads into place.

5. Fishing Tackle Repair – Use small amounts of Krazy glue to repair and revitalize all kinds of fishing equipment. You can also use it to create flies and lures from natural materials found in the field.

What survival chores have you accomplished with Krazy Glue? Let us hear them in the comments.