Toss the net up-and-out forcefully, at about a 45-degree angle, similar to throwing a Frisbee or discus. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Start by making a slip knot in the end of the net’s “throw line,” then slide it over your left wrist and tighten (for a right-handed person). Outdoor Life Online Editor
Make loose coils with the throw line from the slip knot toward the net, and hold the coils with your left hand. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Now grasp the top of the cast net just below its large, round “horn.” Hold the net by its horn so lead-line weights are lightly touching the ground. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Outdoor Life Online Editor
Gather the net in your right hand just below your waist… Outdoor Life Online Editor
…and place the gathered net in your left hand, which is also holding the throw line coils. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Collect about half the net mesh in your right hand. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Reaching toward the net “lead line” with your right hand, slowly gather the net in your right hand. Outdoor Life Online Editor
There now are two halves of net; a high half and a low half. Outdoor Life Online Editor
With the net half in your right hand, roll that portion of the mesh over your left thumb and net horn and temporarily rest it there. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Where the two net “halves” meet, grab the lead line (not a lead) with your right hand. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Put the lead line in your lips (not in your teeth), and hold firmly. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Reach down and using the small finger of your right hand, secure the lead line. Outdoor Life Online Editor
While still holding the lead line, reach up with your right hand and grab the portion of net resting on the thumb of the left hand and the horn of the net. Outdoor Life Online Editor
You are now ready to throw the net. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Make a left-to-right twisting motion to begin the throw, then reverse the twist (now right to left) quickly toward the target. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Outdoor Life Online Editor
Outdoor Life Online Editor
Outdoor Life Online Editor
Toss the net up-and-out forcefully, at about a 45-degree angle, similar to throwing a Frisbee or discus. Outdoor Life Online Editor

The fastest and least expensive way to catch live bait is with a cast net.