Gear Review: High Peak Adrenaline

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Offering an unbelievable bang for your buck, the High Peak Adrenaline 70+10 pack is going to become a favorite for beginner backpackers and weekend adventurers, alike. Its overall size-to-weight ratio (70 liters at 5 pounds 5 ounces) is very respectable for a pack in this price range, and it also has the option of a detachable daypack lid and ice axe holders. It is water bladder compatible. Another key feature on the Adrenaline is the rapid torso adjustment. With a flick of a lever, the Adrenaline can be fitted to a torso length of 15 to 21 inches in a matter of seconds. The comfort level on this pack will max out between 50 and 55 pounds, but when fully loaded the Adrenaline is a bit top heavy and starts to sway if not properly packed. Hits
1) A great price tag of $149
2) All the bells and whistles a weekend adventurer will ever need
3) The rapid torso adjustment system should make the Adrenaline a family favorite Misses
1) Gets a bit top-heavy when fully loaded, and extends high above the head
2) It would be great to have more than one color option Bottom Line
Overall, the High Peak Adrenaline 70+10 is going to be a top choice for backpackers on a budget, families and weekend adventures who have "on trail" and moderate distance trips in their future.
The Adrenaline is quickly becoming my wife's pack of choice for our weekend backpacking trips. This is a huge plus for me, considering she currently has three others packs hanging in the garage. Her quest for the perfect pack may finally be over.
Here's the Adrenaline hauling a 35-pound load on a recent weekend hiking trip.
The color of the 70+10 was another plus for my wife and her friends.
The Adrenaline's torso adjustment will help make this pack a favorite for families looking for a "do-all" pack that will fit several age groups.
With the flick of a lever, the Adrenaline will go from fitting a 15-inch torso (previous picture) to a 21-inch torso with relative ease.
This section of the pack is designed to carry a snow shovel for winter use, but works great for a jacket as well.
You will find that the lower sleeping bag chamber is one of the easiest to access on the market. The norm for this type of pack is a horizontal zipper, but the Adrenaline has a U shaped zipper that makes loading very quick and easy.
There's plenty of room, even for the largest sleeping bags.
The lid of the Adrenaline can be detached and used as a daypack or a carry-on for flights.
With a snow collar and two separate draw strings, keeping the rain and snow out of your pack should not be a problem.
The Adrenaline comes with water bottle compartments, but they work great for holding a tripod, as well.
With matching external pockets, I was able to keep my spotting scope protected at all times. These pockets are also great for quick-access gear like water filters, maps, rain gear and sandals for creek crossings.
Users of this Adrenaline 70+10 will appreciate all the "bells and whistles" of much more expensive packs, but at a price that everyone can afford.

Offering an unbelievable “bang for your buck,” the High Peak Adrenaline 70+10 pack is going to become a favorite for beginner backpackers and weekend adventurers, alike.