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Energize Your Great Outdoors Adventures with Bluetti AC60

The Bluetti AC60 and B80 mini-power stations make outdoor life better, safer, more convenient, and fun for everyone.

Mini-power stations make life in the Great Outdoors better no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. And the remarkable soon-to-be-on-the-market Bluetti AC60 is first in its class for outdoor folks wanting the best, toughest and longest-lasting power source available.

This amazingly small, compact, and lightweight (19 pounds) unit powers and charges everything from cell phones to small refrigerators, ice makers to electric blankets, coffee makers to computers, and lights to mini heaters. Its power is long-lasting, and it recharges quickly from multiple sources, including solar.

The Bluetti AC60 also has an industry-leading six-year warranty.

The new AC60 also is a reliable home-based power source for emergency needs, especially in rural areas during power outages, downed trees, hurricanes, and winter storms. So, it’s a needed product for even those people who rarely venture into the wild outdoors.

The unit has an IP65 rating, making it water-resistant and dust-proof—a perfect companion for a family camping, fishing, or RV trip. A hunting or fishing camp with a Bluetti AC60 is safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. It has long battery life and is safer to use than other power stations on the market.

There is a large and well-designed LED light on one large flat side of the AC60, that has multiple light intensity settings, plus a flashing SOS mode in case of an emergency.

It has multiple covered power ports, including USB-C and USB-A. The AC60 even offers wireless fast charging of cell phones. It also has app capability so the power station can be controlled remotely by a phone.

The AC60 recharges fast, via AC power cord input, DC power from a car plug, or even using a solar panel source (sold separately).

The all-black quality-built unit is about the size of a small tackle box or cooler, measuring 11.3 inches x 8.5 inches x 9.7 inches. It easily stows in a boat, truck, camper, or SUV storage spot. Its waterproof and dustproof qualities make it ideal for long-distance travel in the remote outback of the outdoors. It also has a rugged-made, recessed carry handle making it easy to tote, use and store.

Equipped with a 600W inverter and a 403Wh LiFePO4 battery, the AC60 has faster charging, longer battery life, and greater safety than most other power stations. It also charges fast in just an hour or two. Solar recharging of the unit is accomplished in just a couple of hours of full sunlight—making for reliable power for those adventures far off the beaten path.

The AC60 has three charging modes, including silent mode (160W), standard (255W), and turbo (600W). At 600W it charges in just over an hour, using an included adapter. The AC60 also supports solar charging up to 200W. It is widely compatible with other solar panels besides Bluett’s PV120/PV200 solar panels. It also supports car or lead-acid battery charging.

In addition to the AC60, Bluetti offers an additional power-boosting unit called the B80 power station. The AC60 can support a pair of B80s, which greatly increases the power station’s capabilities. With two B80s connected, the AC60 has a total capacity of 2015Wh.

The B80 also serves as a power bank for other Bluetti solar generators like the EB3A, EB70, EB70S, and AC180 by using an aviation DC7909 cable.

A B80 is about the same size as an AC60 and weighs just a couple of pounds more. For outdoor cabins, campers, RVs, boats, and hunting and fishing camps, an AC60 with a pair of B80s offers staggering power from remarkably small power stations. Plus they stack neatly and all resist moisture and dust.

Like the AC60, the B80 battery has an IP65 rating and uses the same reliable LFP cells that have a life of over 3,000 cycles. It is also backed by the same six-year warranty as the AC60. It can expand the AC60’s capacity to a maximum of 2,015 watts and serves as a power bank for solar generators. This is a huge power capacity for outdoor lifestyles that quickly can be solar-charged from the sun.

Like the AC60, the B80 also functions as a standalone DC power source with multiple DC ports: USB-A, USB-C, and cigarette lighter. With 806 watts of energy, it can charge a smartphone up to 43 times, a laptop up to 10 times, and power a light for more than 60 hours. It can also be recharged on its own or when used with the AC60. The B80 supports AC adapters and 200W solar charging with an included standard charge cable.

Bluetti once again is at the top of the outdoor power source world with the introduction of these two uniquely useful products. The AC60 and B80 are sure to be touted worldwide for their innovation and usefulness to outdoor adventurers everywhere.

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