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Follow Huk’s Creekbed Collection to Better Fishing Memories

Made to expand your fishing obsession.

Every angler has a creek bed story, and with the innovative Creekbed clothing collection, Huk enhances those memories and provides the means to create new ones.

It’s an iconic Huck Finn moment: the young, would-be angler, possibly barefoot, traipsing through virgin streams, collecting grasshoppers, catching untapped fish, and building an obsession. Even those anglers who don’t have this precise origin story have something similar of their own, a moment when it became more than just an afternoon on the water when instead it transformed into something that they couldn’t ignore.

Indeed, creek beds—the flowing highways that bring the ecosystem and passions to life—are the proving grounds of all angling. Even if it’s not a skinny backyard stream or a literal creek, everyone has their own version. For offshore anglers, it might be the current path around a sea mount. For backcountry obsessives, it’s the migration route of the silver king or the gray ghost. With the Creekbed collection of functional and fashionable clothing, Huk celebrates and facilitates the adventures that take place there—the memories that explode when routes of passage become rites of passage.

It starts with the five cornerstone items—a short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, shorts, pants and convertible pants—that every angler or would-be angler needs to concentrate more upon his quarry and less about his comfort. They’re all available in a variety of solid colors that allow the angler to extend adventures, heading straight from the water directly to social situations, marking him as an angler while remaining fashionable, and creating new adventures.

The tops feature mesh front vents, hook and loop closure front chest pockets, an interior eyewear wipe, back panel venting with a superior venting draft, and wicking material. The bottoms feature a faux fly vent, full elastic waistband with adjustable branded belt, a single welt Velcro pocket, tension-lock buckle, side cargo pockets and crotch gusset with perforation. The convertible pants have zip-off pant legs that allow you to go from full coverage to a 7.5″ inseam short in a matter of seconds as the day warms up.

For many of us, the dream started in cut-off shorts and an old t-shirt, perhaps in old tennis shoes or even barefoot, but by embracing fishing-specific clothing, purpose-driven items, the experience gets that much better. Each feature of each item in the Creekbed collection is fully-considered and made to allow for a perfect fit and better performance. These five items provide protection from an unrelenting sun and breathability that allows the angler—novice or advanced—eto stay out longer and fish harder. That applies whether you’re turning over rocks on a free-flowing stream, competing in a high-pressure bass tournament, wading the crystal-clear flats for rocket-fueled tarpon and bonefish, or trolling the blue water for the apex predators of the ocean. Stay longer, fish harder, look better. It’s Huk’s mission, and the company won’t rest until you have your library of memories, the pictures to back them up, and the thirst to create new ones. Then, without missing a beat, you can head to the bar or the restaurant, and share your tales with like-minded people. If you’re concentrating on a sunburn, or pants that pull in the crotch, that’s simply not as easily achieved.