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Quick Camp Cooking

Tips for better, and easier, meals outside.

You left camp shortly before morning rays warmed your sleeping bag. You’re returning shortly before the sun hides below the horizon. You’re tired and hungry. Tired of trail snacks and hungry for a real meal so uncinch this sack and start cooking. There’s a reason the Gerber ComplEAT Cook Set comes with 16 pieces. Here’s how to use each piece for your feast in the forest, recipes included.

The Bag

The ComplEAT Cook Set comes in a durable, canvas storage bag that houses the other 15 pieces. Unpack and use with abandon because the set is thoughtfully designed to stack together and help you repack later. Check out the bottom of the bag’s interior for a visual reference guide on how to repack the ComplEAT Cook Set when dinner is done. Webbing straps make it easy to tote.

The Handle

What makes this heat-resistant, silicone-coated detachable handle so valuable is its versatility. It securely latches onto compatible pieces in the set for safe and easy cooking. Start dinner prep with the handle on the saute pan because it’s the first thing going on the heat.

The Pad

As pots come off the heat, use Gerber’s grippy hot pad made from Silicone to avoid melt marks on picnic tables, tailgates and coolers. You’ll use this flexible piece of the ComplEAT Cook Set throughout dinner. Its convenience is unmatched.

The Sauté Pan

The Gerber 2.6 quart stainless steel sauté pan works wonders on your side dish of fresh veggies when paired with the vented basting dome. Use Gerber’s ComplEAT Cutting Board Set to chop vegetables. Toss diced zucchini, trimmed green beans and sliced red onions in olive oil, salt, and pepper directly in the pan with a handle attached. Cover with basting dome then start steaming over medium heat while you move on to the pot.

The Pot

Gerber’s 5.6-quart stainless steel stock pot has two silicone no slip, no burn handles for easy lifting when loaded with creamy mac and cheese. Into the pot goes 16 ounces of pasta macaroni, ditalini or small shells recommended, three cups of water, two cups of milk and a pinch of salt. Boil topped with a vented slim lid until pasta softens but is slightly firm. Add four to eight cups of shredded cheese, depending on how gooey good you like your main dish. Stir the mixture as the cheese melts.

The Tableware

Plate your steamed veggies with a chunk of crusty bread on four plates that are sturdy enough to steady food on laps while sitting on camp chairs. Scoop the pasta into four serving bowls that are deep enough to collect sauce for slathering the bread in. The ComplEAT plates and bowls are both microwave and dishwasher-safe, plus come in four different colors so you always know whose plate and bowl belongs to whom. For utensils, try the ComplEAT Utensil Set

The Mixing Bowl

Gerber’s large mixing bowl in the ComplEAT Cook Set is perfect for an after-dinner treat that can be shared around the campfire. Wipe out the saute pan then add two tablespoons of coconut oil to it. Melt over high heat, add 1/3 cup unpopped corn kernels, lid with vented basting dome. Shake the handled pan to evenly distribute kernels before they start popping. When the pops stop, pour popcorn into the large mixing bowl and sprinkle with salt. Add gummies, licorice, fruit snacks or other sweets that go well with the savory snack.