Best Men’s Waterproof Boots: Outdoor Gear To Keep You Dry

The best men’s waterproof boots to fit your needs.

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Dry feet are happy feet. When hunting, hiking, fishing or working takes you into mud, creeks and wet grass, you need boots that will keep your feet dry. A good pair of waterproof boots is an essential piece of outdoor gear. Not all waterproof boots are equally waterproof, and as you read on you’ll realize you may need more than one pair to meet different field conditions and activities—after all, men’s waterproof work boots are different than waterproof, men’s hiking shoes.

What Features Should You Consider When Shopping for the Best Men’s Waterproof Boots?

Waterproof boots keep your feet dry, of course. But “the best waterproof boot” can mean different things to different people.

Rubber boots are 100% waterproof, as long as you don’t punch a hole in them. But if you hike or hunt in rough country, where toughness and ankle support matter, you may need waterproof outdoor boots that are more durable than rubber. Boots made of leather, or a mix of leather and nylon, with a breathable, waterproof inner bootie offer the best combination of waterproofing and support. Think of the waterproof membrane like a waterproof sock inside the boot: it keeps water away from your feet, but it doesn’t do much to protect the boot itself. The outside of such a boot will still need treatment.

If you need heavy, all-leather boots, you can treat them heavily enough with waterproofing and seam sealers to keep water out for a long period of time. But, invariably, you’ll have to retreat your leather boots if you expect them to continue to be water-resistant boots.

Other important factors to consider when shopping for men’s waterproof boots include boot height, because no boot is waterproof once you step into water that comes over your boot tops. So if you’re fishing in streams or tromping through puddles, you’ll need a waterproof boot that climbs higher up your leg. On the flip side, if you’re on the go, you need a men’s boot with more ankle support and breathability—and less height.

Another important factor is insulation, because keeping feet warm is as important as keeping them dry. So if you’re out in all seasons, look for pairs of boots that provide extra warmth with inner materials like Thinsulate.

These are some of the main considerations when trying to find the best men’s waterproof boots for you. But, ultimately, finding the right pair is about finding the footwear that will get you where you need to go, dryly. Read on to find out what waterproof boots will match your needs.

Best Men’s Rubber Waterproof Boots: Muck Boot Chore

Best Men’s Insulated Waterproof Boots: Cabela’s Zoned Comfort Trac 2,000-Gram Insulated Rubber Hunting Boots for Men

Best Men’s Waterproof Boots for Uneven Terrain: LaCrosse Uplander II Waterproof Boots for Men

Best Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots: Men’s Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Best Cheap Men’s Waterproof Boots: Kamik Men’s Ranger Rubber Boots

Do You Need Waterproof Men’s Boots for Fishing?

Choosing waterproof boots is just like choosing any other outdoor gear. There’s a wide range of options, and you need to zero in on the men’s waterproof boot that will best perform where you plan to take it. If you need waterproof men’s boots for fishing from the shorelines of ponds, lakes, and rivers, choose rubber. Nothing else will keep you as dry as rubber when you’re mucking through mud and standing in calf-deep water for hours at a time. (Deer hunters also like rubber boots because they keep the scent in and water out.) The other nice thing about rubber boots is that they are easy to maintain, unlike a lot of other fishing gear. They need only be hosed off, while leather requires cleaning, care and dressing to keep it supple.

Best Men’s Rubber Waterproof Boots: Muck Boot Chore

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Muck Boots combine a one-piece neoprene sock and shaft with a rubber foot, making them much lighter than all-rubber boots—and more comfortable, too. That means you can walk comfortably to get to the water and stand in them for hours. The neoprene keeps them surprisingly cool in warm weather, and if your feet are getting warm inside these best fishing boots, you can roll the tops down, too.

Do You Need Warm Waterproof Boots for Deer Hunting?

Deer hunters need warm, dry feet so they can stay on stand or on the trail for a long time. They also need hunting boots that contain their scent so deer won’t detect them. Rubber knee boots with a good layer of insulation accomplish all of this. The rubber neither lets water in or scent escape, and the insulation keeps you warm during long waits on the stand.

Best Men’s Insulated Waterproof Boots: Cabela’s Zoned Comfort Trac 2,000-Gram Insulated Rubber Hunting Boots for Men

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These insulated waterproof boots are made for long vigils in cold, wet conditions and a great addition to your hunting gear. The rubber keeps you dry and keeps your scent in, while the insulation is strategically placed to keep you warm, with a full 2,000 grams of Thinsulate protecting your toes and slightly lesser amounts elsewhere in the boot. Lug soles grab the ground to keep you upright.

Do You Need Waterproof Boots for Navigating Uneven Terrain?

While all-rubber boots are the most waterproof footwear, they offer no ankle support. They are also tall and don’t breathe well, making them a poor choice if you will be walking all day, especially on uneven terrain. For those who need to put some miles on their soles, look for a boot that finds some middle ground. Men’s waterproof walking boots feature waterproof rubber at the base with supportive leather around your ankles and shins.

Best Men’s Waterproof Boots for Uneven Terrain: LaCrosse Uplander II Waterproof Boots for Men

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If you want a relatively lightweight, lace-up boot with a leather upper, but your travels take you into boggy ground, the Uplander II is the pair for you. A medium-height 10-inch boot, this waterproof walking boot has removable Air-Cushion footbeds for comfort and a steel shank to add support to its classic look. You get the ankle support of a lace-up boot combined with an absolutely waterproof shoe.

Do You Need Waterproof Hiking Boots?

Wet feet on the trail are miserable, but hiking is about walking first and foremost. You need a boot that’s light, that laces securely, and has a sole that gives you good traction. That means you’ll want a hiking boot with a waterproof liner that will keep your feet dry if you get caught out in the rain on the trail. Gore-Tex-lined boots made with cordura nylon uppers, or all cordura, make for a good lace-up waterproof boot.

Best Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots: Men’s Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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The M Select Dry seal keeps your feet dry by keeping moisture out while allowing breathability. Although the exterior of these men’s waterproof hiking boots isn’t watertight, the suede leather and mesh boots are easy to care for and stylish enough to wear around town.

Budget Men’s Waterproof Boots: What You Get for Under $30

There are plenty of occasions where all you need is a no-frills boot you can pull on to keep your feet dry for yard work, chores, gardening, dog training, pond fishing, and more. You don’t necessarily need insulation or any other features that add to a boot’s price without making it one bit more waterproof.

Best Cheap Men’s Waterproof Boots: Kamik Men’s Ranger Rubber Boots

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Kamik Rangers have rubber soles bonded to a synthetic rubber boot and cloth linings. Their 12-inch height and lug soles let these boots see you through the deepest, slickest muck.


Q: Are waterproof boots really waterproof?

Rubber boots are completely waterproof. Boots with waterproof/breathable liners keep your feet dry, but if those membranes wear, they can begin to leak.

Q: How should I choose the best waterproof boots?

Choose boots according to your needs. A waterproof boot for fishing is designed for you to stand in water, not provide support on a hike up a muddy trail. Likewise, a waterproof hiking boot isn’t meant for standing in water, because the exterior materials will erode over time.

Q: Who makes the best waterproof boots?

Rubber boots are 100% waterproof, easy to care for, and will last for several years. Manufacturers such as Muck and LaCrosse make all-rubber boots.

A Final Word on Shopping for the Best Men’s Waterproof Boots

The best men’s waterproof boots our fathers wore are nothing like what we have now. Rubber boots last longer and keep your feet warmer than your old man’s old boots, and Gore-Tex liners mean even leather and nylon boots can keep your feet dry. Be sure to choose men’s boots that fit well and are suited to your specific needs. Some men are obsessed with their shoe collections. I’ve seen some hikers fill an entire shoe rack with their favourite pairs.