3 Keys to Extend Your Boat’s Lifespan

If you own a boat, it’s likely one of your greatest investments, and knowing how to tackle a few simple tasks can add years to its life

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Boats require a lot of work. From hulls to woodwork, electronics, and upholstery, owning a boat is more than just an investment of money; it’s an ongoing commitment of your time. Working with the right marine-maintenance products can help make sure it’s time well spent. These highly rated maintenance supplies will ensure you spend less time fixing, scrubbing, and polishing, and more time enjoying the water.


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Hull repair is rarely an issue for new boats, but sooner or later you’re going to have a hole or ding or crack that requires attention. For small projects, a little DIY fiberglass and epoxy finishing skill can save quite a bit of money while also offering the pride of ownership that only comes from doing things yourself.


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Vinyl, canvas, rubber, plexiglass, and other marine materials all need a little TLC from time to time. Whether you are just knocking off the grime or trying to restore water repellency and UV protection, a good quality fabric treatment will extend the life of your vessel and give it that ship-shape look you can be proud of.


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Many modern boats have very little varnished woodwork, which is often referred to by yachty types as brightwork. But where there is wood there is the potential for rot. Marine woodwork is often made of teak, and for this there is teak oil and teak sealer. Both are expensive products, so study the difference before deciding which is best for your application. Either will restore your brightwork to that rich honey color, but teak sealer tends to last longer, doesn’t leave an oily finish, and also offers better UV protection.