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Is the 20-Gauge Enough Gun for Deer?

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Express_buckhammer_big My post “Indiana Man Drops Monster with a 20-Gauge” was read by thousands who came from forums all around to gawk at the 234” non-typical freak that Jack Keihn killed last November. If you missed it, check my Big-Buck Tales category; here’s one more photo of the gnarly beast below.

A whole bunch of people posted threads like “cool buck, but why is Hanback making such a big damn deal about Jack shooting it with a 20-gauge?”

Got me! Yes, I admit to being a slug-gun newbie. I can tout the ballistics and virtues of the .270 all dayApril_25_06 long. But a shotgun for deer? Hah. I know nuth-tink! (Trivia?) I just figured nobody in his right mind would use a pip-squeak 20 when you could go with a big-stocked, thick-actioned, ass-kicking 12 with the heaviest chunk of lead you could sling at a buck.

I hate feeling and sounding ignorant, so you boys out in Indiana, Iowa, Illinois or any other shotgun area educate me. What’s your gun, a Remington? Mossberg maybe? Twelve or 20? Scope? What’s the best new or old slug on the market? How far can you shoot a deer with one of those dang things (100 yards?). Got any knock-down power to it? You never know, I might pull a tag for shotgun season in Iowa, and I don’t mind saying I need all the help I can get.