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Americans Buying Bullets Faster Than They Can Be Made

According to the Nov. 2 Washington Post, the only thing faster than a speeding bullet is bullet sales. The Post says a record-breaking amount of cash has been spent this year to purchase 12 billion rounds of ammunition — or, 38 bullets for every American.

Sales in a normal year would be about 7 billion bullets.

The sales boom, which has exceeded bullet-makers capacity to produce the product, began just before the election of President Obama, according to the Post.

Industry experts say gun sales traditionally increase with a Democratic administration but they say the Obama spike is on a whole different scale, with 2009 expected to be a record sales year. While some gun rights groups are suspicious of a Democrat in the White House, an administration spokesman told the Post, “The President respects and supports the Second Amendment and the tradition of gun ownership in this country.”

NRA Executve Vice President Wayne LaPierre offered a different explaination: “I think it’s Katrina. I think it’s terrorism. I think it’s crime. I also think it’s people worrying about (if) they’ll be attacked by politicians. They’re suspicious — and justifiably so.”

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Meanwhile, Joe Weisenthal writes on Oct. 29 on that firearm sales “are totally falling off a cliff.”

He writes that according to “recent numbers” from Ruger, there appears to be “a slight sequential dip.”

“But,” Weisenthal writes, “ignore that. The number to look at is orders received in 3Q, which were down 80 percent. Due to their backlog, actual firearms sales only dipped a little, but they’ve only got a few quarters of that left, and then that’s finished. The bubble is popped.”

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