Cop Tasers Mama Moose

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Here’s a question for you hunters to consider: If you need to drop a moose in its tracks, like right now, what should you reach for? A .300 Win. Mag? A .375 H&H? Something bigger? The answer, as one cop in Canada learned, is a Taser.

A cow moose and her newborn calf were wandering through the yards of some homes in Faro, Yukon, when the calf got stuck behind a 3-foot chain-link fence that its mother had easily crossed. The cow became increasingly agitated during her unsuccessful attempts to get her little one up and over the barrier, and the efforts of local police and residents were greeted with angry snorts, growls and at least one charge by the 1,000-pound mother. With no real choice other than shooting both animals, Cpl. Ken Alderson of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police opted to try his newly issued Taser.

Using a greenhouse for cover, Alderson got within range and zapped the cow with the unit’s 50,000 volts, which knocked her down instantly. Two other good Samaritans rushed up to the calf and dumped it over the fence, where it rejoined its mother. Alderson then cut the power to the Taser. “And as soon as we let the mother up… the two of them just skedaddled out of there. It was perfect,” Alderson told the Whitehorse Star.

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