The Bowmaster
Kevin VanderPloeg
Lapeer County, MI
He's been bowhunting for years, and had a friend draw up an image that showed this passion. Kevin might add an arrow between the antlers in the near future. Outdoor Life Online Editor


Steve Walker
Ramona, CA
It took three years for Steve to settle on a design. This ink is based on an elk skull he found while hunting in Idaho. He finished the tattoo in time for his 50th birthday.

Fighting Fish

Jason Wood
Sonora, CA
To catch fish you’ve got to have the best lures, and nothing tops a body-builder rig with two treble hooks. I pity the fish’s mouth that bites that.

Trophy Typical Buck

Dugan Thixton
Louisville, KY
After shaving his leg, Dugan had the artist ink out this tall-tined giant.

The Sistine Chapel

Barry Seachrist
Columbia, PA
The death of his best hunting and fishing buddy in a car accident inspired Barry’s first tattoo (two bucks fighting) on his left shoulder. After a divorce, he decided to expand the ink to create a full back tat dedicated to the outdoors. He’s put 50 hours of labor into it so far, and still has more designs to execute.

Storyteller’s Tattoo

Jerry Morgan
Roseburg, OR
This tattoo reads like a cave painting. A native hunter has treed a bear with a hound and hawks soar above. What does it all mean?

Mountain Man

Kelly McFarland
Walker, WV
Kelly’s decision to get this tattoo was a combination of his love of turkey hunting and an addiction to ink. The fine detail work was done by Lure Tattoos in Vienna, WV.

Respect for the Kill

Daniel Goeldner
Colonie, NY
The tattoo was done by Donny Dean from EZ Tattoo. It took 16 hours worth of work

Check Out These Guns

Douglas Whitmore
Stanhope, NJ
Douglas has two tattoos, one on his left arm showing his love of hunting, and the other on his right bicep for his love of fishing.

Bugle Boys

Tattoo Done by Adam Chiodo
Artist and Owner of The Ink Tailor
Columbia Heights, Minnesota

Sr. Citizen Discount

Frank Bliss
Quevill Park, NY
Frank got this ink when he turned 65. He went to the parlor with his son, having no intention of getting tatted up. Something must’ve inspired him because he’s got a mural of hunting on his back now.

Yin and Yang

This unsigned tattoo hound describes himself as a hunting, fishing nut from Beatrice, NE. The tattoo reads:


Brian Vaughn
Hope, RI
This tat was a birthday present from Brian’s wife, which she had custom designed.

Check Out These Guns

Douglas Whitmore
Stanhope, NJ
Douglas has two tattoos, one on his left arm showing his love of hunting, and the other on his right bicep for his love of fishing.

Fishing Buddies

Luke Wittman
Colden, NY If you want a fishing scene, might as well go all out. This one includes the boat, cabin, fish and a Grateful Dead tattoo, as well.


Tom Woodburn
Murphys, CA
If fishing is your passion, why not memorialize it with a tattoo?
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Outdoor Life Online Editor
Outdoor Life Online Editor
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Outdoor Life Online Editor
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Outdoor Life Online Editor
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Outdoor Life Online Editor
Outdoor Life Online Editor

Daniel Romanco

Along with his cornfield collage, Daniel also has a western mountain scene, which includes a mountain lion, a wolf and a big horn sheep. Not bad if you love the outdoors. We want your tattoos! Send us your tat and a story to:

Daniel Romanco

The centerpiece of this mural is a deer that Daniel shot with a bow in the cornfields of Iowa. Below it is a possum, because apparently, that’s Daniel’s nickname. The flying turkey is just an extra touch.

Cliff Wilson

Divorced at 73, Cliff was looking for the “single” thing to do. He went with his son to a local ink shop. First he had the moose head done, then the beetle, then the eagle. Turned out he was hooked on tattoos, though he says this enough for now.

Chad Eckhart

Chad loves fine engraving on firearms, especially the masterpieces of Winston Gordon Churchill. His tattoo is a replica of an engraving on a Holland and Holland double that Chad saw in an issue of Field and Stream. The mural on his arm took four years to complete.

John Kozub

John’s first became fascinated with bears when he traveled to Alaska on a sight-seeing trip. Since then, he purchased a house on Kodiak and enjoys being among the bears.

Dave Correia

Dave came across a feeding moose while deer hunting in Maine. When he returned to his home in Pittsburgh he couldn’t get this image out of his head. So, the logical step was to call a local tattoo parlor and have it put on his arm.

Perry Kellner

For 10 years, Perry and his friends traveled to Wyoming, chasing mule deer. While reading a local paper he saw this caricature. The next year the group took a detour on the way to Wyoming so Perry could get this image on his arm.

Donald Smith

In order to honor his father and uncle, two of his hunting mentors, Donald had this tattoo of a buck standing in a stream inked on his leg.

Steven Griffin

Steven wanted ink to show his love and respect for the outdoors. His local artist sketched out this scene with a large buck meant to represent the “Missouri Monarch.”

James Rensing

At first, James just wanted a bear tattoo. He selected the grizzly and mountain background from stock art at the tattoo parlor. But that wasn’t enough. A few months later he returned and added the dead deer and a wolf.

Herbert Irish

For five generations, Herbert’s family hunted the woods of Maine. He got this tattoo to commemorate his ancestors. The image of the buck and the doe was a memory Herbert had while hunting with friends

Don Hudson

When a 1999 issue of Pennsylvania Game News arrived in the mail, Don’s son knew exactly what he wanted for a tattoo. The crouching mountain man with a flint lock was taken from the magazine’s cover.

Randel Hoffman

These tattoos are of a large bear and monster buck that Randel shot during the 1999 season in the same day.

Ed Griffin

Just before opening day last year, Ed got this tattoo on his chest. All of the other hunters at his camp were envious.

Scott Brubaker

Instead of paying tribute to the outdoors, Scott got this tattoo as a representation of the importance of the second amendment.


To honor his grandfather, the man who introduced Lax to the outdoors and trapping, he got this tattoo, which includes symbols of the trap line.

Katie Nosie

This 10-pointer is meant to memorialize Katie’s father, who often took her deer hunting as a child

Rick Kruger

This black lab made such an impression on Rick that he had its likeness tattooed on his back.

James Hunter

After his wife suggested he get a tattoo of camouflage, James collaborated with his local ink artist to create this image.

Albert Getty

Albert’s father hunted bison as a member of the Indian Service. His son got this tattoo in the style of an Indian pictograph as a tribute.

Larry Mazzuca

Though this elk isn’t an exact replica of a monster 7×7 Larry shot in 2004, it’s close. And he’s kept his left arm clean of ink in case he shoots a trophy deer, too.

Name Unknown

As a 40th birthday present to himself, this gentleman got a tattoo to show his love of bow hunting deer.
Outdoor Life Online Editor
Outdoor Life Online Editor
Outdoor Life Online Editor
Outdoor Life Online Editor

Mark Yager

This tattoo is meant to memorialize the first elk Mark shot while bow hunting in 2001. He hopes to add a mule deer, antelope, big horn sheep and black bear to his back, too.

Mike Hoff

A love of Wisconsin, hunting and the right to bear arms are all represented in this tattoo of Bucky Badger holding a rifle.

Barry Stevens

Want to send us your tattoo? Find out how at the end of the gallery! Even at 35, Barry still hides this tattoo from his dad, even though he got it as a reminder of how much he loved fly fishing with his father.

Steve Constantine

A son’s interest in ink prompted Steve to get this tattoo at age 46. The image was a no-brainer, he said. Steve loves deer hunting, so a deer was the perfect fit.

David Zuleger

You’ve got to grab life by the horns, right? David says this tat shows what he likes to do: ride bike and hunt elk.

David Wood

When a local artist couldn’t figure out how to draw a deer head properly, David took a picture of his 8-point trophy and brought it with him to the parlor.

Tim Crawford

These are Tim’s tools of the trade: a Winchester 10-gauge shell, Thunderhead broadhead and a .30-06 handload.

Michael Herbert

A shapely Southern woman catching an American flag-covered marlinÂ…doesn’t get any better than that.

Scott Reynolds

After landing his first tarpon, Scott’s son took him to a local parlor for Father’s Day and got him this fish tattoo.

Daniel Yelinek

Because Daniel loves bass fishing it’s only natural that he would get a lunker chasing a shad into his bellybutton. Even better, his mother, Kitty, did the tattoo.

Shannon Jay

This image is of Shannon’s brother, who died recently. Long-time fishing buddies, Shannon got this to memorialize their time on the water together.

Randall Cook

While in the army, stationed in Kansas, Randall got this tat to reflect his belief in the second amendment.

Edward DePoe

After getting the deer head, Edward added the Winchester slogan believing that it is the premier ammo company.

Tom Detrick

The Nuge saw Tom’s ink at an airport and called his Browning Buckmark and DU logo “hardcore.” Quite a compliment.

Freddy Green

This scene is supposed to depict the view from a tent at first light. Freddy says there are 48 colors in the whole mural

Rob Harris

Rob and his wife Nancy have been hunting together since they met, and have matching elk tattoos to show their dedication.

Nancy Harris

Along with her husband’s European mount tattoos, Nancy decided to get this portrait of an elk bugling.

William Powers

As an avid smallmouth fisherman, William decided to get a tribal fish tattoo along with a hook/wave motif on his right arm.

Fred Palcovich

After breaking his leg on a turkey hunt, Fred dealt with his frustration by getting some ink. By the way, check out his beard collection in the background!

Speed Rasmussen

The mallard is Speed’s favorite duck, both to hunt and to eat. He needed this ink as a reminder for the off-season.

David Ronning

When you shoot a buck that scores 140-1/8 typical, why not get a tattoo as homage to that heavy-tined brute?

Jay Cox

This Ducks Unlimited logo is meant to remind Jay of the time he and his father spent duck hunting. Waterfowl are what got Jay interested in hunting to begin with.

Jerry Van Curen

The top tattoo is a representation of the first buck Jerry shot with a bow, and the bottom one represents his love of bow hunting.

Zack Pierce

Zack looked through hundreds of photos to find inspiration for his deer tattoo. He finally settled on one from an old issue of Outdoor Life. Good choice.

Arnie Kirschenheiter

Arnie borrowed a drinking glass from his brother that had this image on it. The tattoo artist was able to recreate the image perfectly.

Mike Barrett

There’s nothing Mike likes better than to be chasing cow stripers and big, blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay. This ink reminds him of it in the off-season.

Mike Barrett

Along with tattoos of crabs and stripers, Mike got this boat, which is replica of his 31-foot Chesapeake fishing vessel.

Ron Wells

Ron’s wife hated tattoos, but surprised him at Christmas when she paid a local artist to do this image of “Mr. Mule Deer” on Ron.

Arnie Rudenick

For 30 years Arnie searched for the right tattoo. Then he saw the illustration for Pat McManus’s Last Laugh column and knew what to getÂ…this bear.

Tom Toth

Tom took a couple of his best shed-hunting finds and had the tattoo artist copy them.

Jared Goodman

This tattoo is a representation of a buck that Jared harvested in 2005 with a bow.

Phil Cook

Looking for something unique, Phil had a tattoo artist design this pattern with some antler sheds he found near his home.

Ray Woodruff

This turkey feather is on Ray’s left inside forearm, and Jake is his son’s name.

Aaron Krueger

A catfish fanatic, Aaron wanted some ink for the time he and his father spent running set lines on the Wolf River in Wisconsin

Aaron Krueger

A catfish fanatic, Aaron wanted some ink for the time he and his father spent running set lines on the Wolf River in Wisconsin

For these sportsmen, love of the outdoors is skin deep. From back murals to racks around the bicep, there’s enough ink in this photo gallery to publish a dictionary. Check out all 85 tats, and send us yours.