Have you ever pondered your odds of being in any type of accident? Your odds of dying in a motor vehicle accident are substantially greater than your odds of dying in an airplane accident. You even have a greater chance of drowning in your bathtub. Looking at the accompanying photos I'd have to take a wild guess that the odds are even greater for these freak accidents.


What are the odds that a moose would be lined up so perfectly that all four of its legs would slip into this eroded crack in the earth? Talk about bad luck! And elk live their entire life in forest surroundings, but do you think this bull ever viewed a tree as its enemy?


While scouting one spring I found a bald eagle in a similar predicament as the bull elk. A surprise wind storm hit the area overnight and the unlucky symbol of our nation was caught in surprise as an ancient cottonwood tumbled in the dark. Perched in the limbs it couldn’t escape in time and was squashed like a bug under my shoe. Next time you think you’re having bad luck remember these photos. It can’t be that bad. Can it?


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