Finest Guns Ever

Rigby No. 2 in .350 Nitro Express
Gamefield Classics by renowned writer Michael McIntosh and firearms photographer William W. Headrick is unlike any firearms book ever published. Here's a sneak peek. Browning and Remington dominated the autoloader market for decades, primarily with John Browning's designed Belgian Browning A-5 (top) and his Remington Model 11.
Master engraver William Gough created this magnificent work of art just for himself over 80 years ago. Meticulously cut and lavishly adorned in gold, it remains the single most decorated Fox gun.
Ever since its introduction almost a century ago, the Boss gun has had tremendous influence on the evolution of the over/under. (Boss. & Co. 16 bore)
An unconventional thinker, Theophile Britte patented one of the oddest-looking but most shootable actions of all time. (Superbritte, 16 bore)
Over its history, Fox turned out more Sterlingworths than any other grade, possibly more than all the other grades combined. (Fox Sterlingworth 20 gauge)
The only one of John Browning's repeating guns still in production, Ithaca's Model 37 is proof that a few good things will never become obsolete. (Ithaca Model 37 field grade, 12 gauge)
The Model 99 has always been the quintessential Savage–an accurate lever-action that has remained in production for more than a century. (Savage Model 99 in .300 Savage)
Parker Bros. A Grade Hammer Gun, 12 gauge.
Ansley Fox HE/XE Super Fox, 12 gauge, 3-inch magnum.
Merkel in .470 Nitro Express
As fine as anything Parker ever built, the AAHE is one of the most exquisitely finished and elaborately decorated of all the early American guns.
Purdey No. 24 Flintlock Fowler in 12 bore.
Holland & Holland Royal Ejector in .500/465
If a prize were awarded for the all-time most popular pump gun, the Model 870 Remington would win it, hands-down.
Gamefield Classics brings together two preeminent talents in the world of sporting firearms. Renowned firearms writer Michael McIntosh and firearms photographer William W. Headrick. Gamefield Classics is published by Sporting Classics. A big, 9×12-inch book, it features beautiful full-color photographs and McIntosh's insightful text on more than 35 different shotguns and 25 different rifles. Click here to order!

A look at 16 of the finest firearms ever made.