Real or Fake?

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Back in the '70s, Northeastern hunters used to refer to eastern coyotes as "Coydogs"--a cross between coyotes and domestic dogs. Then biologists told us that coydogs did not exist and what we were seeing in our woods were, in fact, coyotes. Well, check out this coydog. When photographs of the canine first began popping up, it was said to have been shot in Maine, Wisconsin, Michigan and New York. It was, in fact, shot in Pennsylvania and reportedly weighed upwards of 100 pounds.

The Electrocuted Bear A legit pic of a bear that was indeed electrocuted after biting into a live wire near Alaska's Kincaid Park. It's approximate weight was 700 pounds.
The 400-Pound Buck Photos of this ginormous buck have been making the rounds of inboxes for four or five years and has been claimed to have been killed in virtually every state in the U.S. According to Dennis Anderson of the Minneapolis Star & Tribune, the buck's estimated weight was 412 pounds and was shot on an Indian Reservation in Nebraska.
Surf's Up Photographer Kem McNair snapped this photo of a spinner shark leaping out of the water behind a surfer near New Smyrna Beach, Florida in July of 2008. Although many were quick to throw the penalty flag on this photo, we're buying its legitimacy.
Over Exposure Considering some of the ridiculous things that bull moose do during the rut, this one isn't even farfetched. Harder is to nail down exactly where it all took place though bets are on Buffalo Hump, Idaho.
Boss Hog After the Hogzilla debacle which we reported on a few years ago, giant hog photos seem to find their way into our e-mails on a daily basis–so here's another. This porker was reportedly shot in Florida–near Orlando–and weighed a whopping 1,100 pounds. The hunter, Larry Early, popped it with a .44 mag.
Palomino Surprise We reported on this neat-looking buck last fall, shortly after it was shot. Although the internet rumors placed it in states such as Wisconsin, Georgia, Arkansas and West Virginia, we correctly suspected that it was shot in Texas which it was. What a cool buck.
The Great Escape Outdoor Life magazine was one of the first magazines to publish this incredible photograph taken by John McColgan of the BLM back in 2000. It shows two elk seeking refuge from a raging forest fire in the Bitterroor National Forest in Montana. Totally legit photo that is simply awe-inspiring.
Pincushion Pit Bull If you own a hunting dog, you dread the telltale yips of your pooch when he's tangled with a porcupine. Well, here's a pup that apparently didn't know when to give up.
Durango Death Dive We received these photos several years ago–and continue to receive them every few months. Are they real? Very much so. The accident took place near Wayzata, Minnesota and miraculously nobody got hurt–save the deer.
Two of a Kind We could hardly believer our eyes when photographs of these two giant bulls came our way. Although they're behind a Texas high-fence, they are certainly one-of-a-kind trophies.
Gator Time Another photo sequence that has made the rounds for several years, it purports to show an alligator swimming off with a deer somewhere in southern Georgia. The US Fish and Wildlife service reported that the gator was 12 to 14 feet long.
No Bull Moose/car collisions are on the increase throughout moose range, so it's not too hard to believe this remarkable photo that comes from Quebec.
Pole Vault Lots of people near Headingley, Manitoba saw this pretty unusual sight back in 2003–a deer on top of a power pole. There were no lack of theories as to how the deer got there and many were comfortable thinking that it somehow was jettisoned there after a collision with a train. Sorry, we're not buying that one. Oh, and where'd its rear hooves go?
Moose on a Wire This incredibly odd photo seems a bit more viable than the previous one. In fact, the Alaksa Fish & Game Dept. tried to rescue this bull after its antlers became entangles with power lines. As the power crew winched the cables tight between power poles, the moose went up with it. The bull had to be shot.
Tunnel of Vision We've received this photo dozens of times–usually with a huge gator alongside it and attributed to a work crew at Florida Power & Light. Don't know exactly where it was taken, but this pile of rattlers is enough to make anyone's skin crawl.
Quack…Quack This photo reportedly shows a former President of the United States with a duck he allegedly shot while campaigning for the presidency. I'm sorry, but we're not buying this one for a second.

Are these real, fakes or is someone just trying to pull a gag on some hunting and fishing buddies? Here’s what we’ve been able to find out about some of these popular inbox photos. Then weigh in with your opinion.