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Two New State Record Bucks
On Nov. 2 two potential state record whitetails were killed by bowhunters. One was a an estimated 205 3/8-inch non-typical killed in Pennsylvania and the other was the buck you see here — an estimated 188 2/8-inch typical buck killed in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin deer could be the biggest buck ever killed by a bowhunter in Wisconsin.
Chomp Shots
Mean, nasty and toothy sharks swim the salt. Check out the devastation left in their wakes. Think Old Man and the Sea, but with photos. Capt. "Doc" and mate Mario caught this 500+ pound Black Marlin eaten by a shark after 45 minutes in Pinas Bay, Panama.
Biggest Bucks 2010 As the 2010 season enters its final days, it's time to look back at the biggest bucks of the year. Pictured: Kevin Petrzilka's buck, which green scored 203 4/8, and is poised to be a Nebraska state record.
Kristy Lee Cook is going Country
Former American Idol contestant Kristy Lee Cook loves to hunt and spend time outdoors. Now she's hosting a hunting show and taking on PETA.
Guns n' Girls
This gallery featured two things that everybody loves, guns and girls. It ran through the best shoot'em up movies with female heroines, including actresses like Pamela Anderson, Sigourney Weaver and Angelina Jolie.
Top Taxidermy
Since 1994 the the WASCO artistic taxidermy awards have highlighted the best work from taxidermists from all around the country. In this gallery you can see everything from trophy deer to bobcats to dangerous African game.
The End of Proper Wolf Management
In the West, legal maneuvers, politics and bureaucracy have made proper wolf management almost impossible. This gallery takes an in-depth look at the main players behind the Wolf War. Photo: Daniel Stahler National Park Service
OL's 40 Best Deer Tips
We've put together the 40 best tips from recent issues to help you kill the biggest buck of your life this season.
Biggest Threats to Your Hunting and Fishing
As long as there are sportsmen and women in the field and on the water, our hunting and fishing rights will be safe. But it never hurts to know your enemy: anti hunters, bad politicians and overbearing 2nd Amendment laws.
100 Best Reader Comments
We've compiled them all! See who the winners are in the smartest, dumbest, craziest, taken-out-of-context comment contest. "I've found that dying the entire carpet the color of the poop to be an easier option. Not really … but I have considered it. Commercial carpet cleaners just love to remove dog poop. Well, maybe not, but they are good at it. My next house is going to have full tile and wood floors. Throw rugs can be rolled up and taken to the cleaner … or the quarter car wash." -Mike
Optics Test 2010
The OL editors pushed the limits this year to separate the best optics from the rest this year. See which glass took home top honors.
The Alaskan Kid
Tyler Freel lives in the ultimate sportsman's paradise: Alaska. Tyler is an extreme backcountry hunter who makes mountain expeditions for Dall sheep.
Shed-Hunting Babes
This gallery was uploaded in 2006, but it's a perennial favorite. Heads-N-Sheds started in May, 2006 after Stephanie entered a few shed hunting pictures in a photo contest. The response was so swift, she took the idea and turned it into a calendar, stickers, shirts and more.
Fish With Captain Gina Bradley
Whether its near-shore or off-shore, if it swims in the ocean, Captain Gina Bradley can catch it. Check out the photos from this outstanding female angler from Florida.
Spring Break Hotspots
This gallery covers the best spring break spots for hunting and fishing. Here's a taste:
Seychelles Islands Party Scene: The wild and crazy nightlife wasn't what landed Seychelles on this list. It was the fishing. However, while this Indian Ocean paradise is a laidback, relaxing getaway more suited for those appreciating nature and peace and quiet then rocking parties, it does have somewhat of a scene at bars, pubs and nightclubs frequented by locals. It's a laid back scene but that doesn't mean sloppy. Dress smart and enjoy international, current and local music hits of the clubs that are usually open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
Mad Cows
Things get ugly when a black bear goes after some prime beef and bites off a little more than he can chew. You'll never look at cows the same way.
Cougar vs. Ram
The cougar, one of the most elusive predators in North America, was caught in the act of taking down a full-grown ram.
Redneck Christmas: Merry Christmas Ya'll
Deer heads, Skoal cans, camo Santa, Budweiser, shotgun shell ornaments and pickup trucks … it must be a redneck Christmas. Photo:
Rack Girls 2011
Beautiful women holding massive deer racks. What's not to love?
Two Giants Drop
All around the country hunters took unbelievable bucks. Most recently, a Wisconsin archer shot this massive droptine buck and a Missouri hunter killed a public land freak.
Bow Shootout 2010
Quality across the board defines this year's crop of compound bows. Todd Kuhn and his team of experts put this year's new bows to the test. See which bows earned the editor's choice and best buy awards.
The Greatest Outdoor Quotes You've Never Heard Before
Celebrity one-liners on fishing, hunting, camping and boating. "I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it." -W. C. Fields
Odd Animals
This is my dog's first night running a live coon. Like most times he is an overachiever, and just wants to make me happy. -cdn420
Fish N Chix 2011
Winter's approaching, but that doesn't mean your fishing days are over. Look what we've got on the line!
Monster Killer
Mary Ellen headed out on Lake Moultrie and came back with one of the biggest gators ever caught in South Carolina. The gator weighed 1,025 pounds and was 13.5 feet long.
Lone Star Girl
Krystal Campbell is a modern day cowgirl. The 23-year-old Lone Star native guides hog hunts, rides horses and hunts deer. Along with being a guide, she also does a lot of hog hunting herself, but she doesn't always use a gun.
Outrageous Hunting Stands and Blinds
In New York City you can rent an apartment with the same square footage as this blind for about $2,000 per month. The only difference is that you can't shoot deer out of your New York City apartment. Photo: Hunting whitetail deer
Vintage Hunting Photo Collection
We recently unearthed this truly amazing collection of old-time hunting photos, some of which are more than 100 years old!
Mary Roberts, the Bow Girl
Mary Robert, an Oklahoma native, cites God, family and archery as her main passions. As a sponsored woman on the competitive archery scene and an idol to female and male shooters alike, she's a good role model and posed to be the Next Big Thing in the bow world.
Black Bear Takes Down Wounded Buck
Black bears are among nature's greatest opportunists. This young bear proves that point as he wrestles a wounded buck into submission.
Fight to the Death
These three bucks got locked together in a fight to the death. The trio eventually drowned and was discovered by a landowner. It's estimated that there was more than 400 inches of antler between the three bucks.
OL Fan: Lacey Rush
Lacey Rush is one of the only full-time female captains in the area of Florida where she guides. In an industry dominated by men, Lacey has become a well-respected guide and has no trouble keeping up with the boys.
15 Celebrity Outdoorsmen
Not all celebrities are anti hunters. In fact, there are some outdoorsmen and women in Hollywood and professional sports. See who's on the list.
Craziest PETA Stunts
They run around naked and want to ban hunting and fishing. Yes, we're talking about PETA and no, we're not making this stuff up. Some of the wildest stunts include hosting human barbecues, throwing pies at politicians and posing in explicit commercials with vegetables.
Tarpon Tourney
Outdoor Life correspondent Pat Ford heads out to Boca Grande, Florida to cover the 2010 Woman's Professional Tarpon Tournament.
Eelpout Festival 2010
If you ever go to the eelpout ice fishing festival in Walker Minnesota you are bound to see some new things. Beautiful women dancing with ice augers is one of them.
25 Greatest Deer Rifles Ever
There are countless rifles out there that are at home in the deer woods, but we managed to narrow it down to the 25 best. Where does your gun stack up on the list?
Weird Deer
Every once in awhile wild animals act in unexplainable ways, and deer are no exception. From does sparring, to bucks with buckets stuck on their heads this gallery has it all.
50 Worst Poaching Fines Ever
OL tracked down the 50 most outrageous poaching offenses and largest fines in the U.S. See which fine is the steepest at number 50. Here's an example: $2,000 in fines and restitution; one year in jail; suspension of hunting privileges for five years; forfeiture of bow; levied in March 2010 against Troy Alan Reinke, of Cannon Falls, Minn., for poaching a world-record 8-point white-tailed buck on Halloween 2009 in Goodhue County, Minn. A preliminary scoring measured its antlers at about 190 gross and 185 net. Had the animal been killed legally, it would have been the largest 8-pointer ever registered by Boone and Crockett or Pope and Young.
World Record Fish
Most anglers are familiar with world record catches of popular species such as bass and walleyes, but our good friend Heinz Machacek at keeps track of stuff like lenoks and snakeheads. Here's a look at just a few of the wildest fish that swim. Pictured: Adriatic Sturgeon
Franz Gruber and Martin Wintermeier landed this 88-pound, 64-inch adriatic sturgeon in 2005 on Italy's Po River.
10 Best Burbons
This gallery was actually posted in 2009, but apparently Outdoor Life readers can't get enough bourbon. We compiled a list of the best bourbons that Kentucky has to offer.
The Huntress: Larysa Switlyk
Larysa Switlyk has hunted and fished all over the world. She's killed some amazing trophies but enjoys the thrill of the hunt more than anything else.
50 Bad Ways to Die
Here are 50 bad boys–and girls–that may ruin an otherwise grand day outdoors. Avoid them at all costs, or pay a painful price. 1) Yellow jackets nesting belowground can number in the thousands. Disturb them and they'll swarm, attack and ruin your day–and quite possibly your life.
Bikini Icefishing '10
Tired of the winter cold already? Heat up with the Bikini Icefishing Team. They're back with all new photos for 2010!
The 50 Best Guns Ever Made
We compiled a list of the best rifles, shotguns and handguns of all time. One gun that made the list was the Colt 911A1 .45 ACP. It was the first successful military semi-auto handgun, and served as the standard U.S. sidearm through four major wars and countless police actions. As popular today as ever, it is still carried by some law enforcement personnel and countless civilians. The most customized handgun ever, it's a mainstay for competition shooters.
Deadly Bugs
Even though this gallery was uploaded in 2009, it was still one of the most popular galleries in 2010. Outdoorsmen should be wary of poisonous insects (like the fire ant pictured) listed here.
Farewell to Summer
After Labor Day weekend, we took one last look back at all the sportswomen who made our summer worthwhile.
Fish Faces
The most popular gallery of 2010 was Fish Faces. We put together the hottest Fish Face photos of all time, so make sure to vote for your favorite photo in the comments section. Thanks for reading in 2010!
Your Favorite Guns of All Time
You spoke and we listened! Here's a list of the best rifles, shotguns and handguns picked by all of you, our faithful readers. Pictured Marlin .45-70
Deadliest Man-Eaters
Throughout history some predators have become infamous for preying on humans. For example a single pride of lions is believed to have killed thousands of people in Africa. Check out the most infamous man-eaters in history.

2010 was a great year for sportsmen and women. We take a look back at your favorite photo galleries from this year.