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Afghan Urial
Urial can be found in west central Asia and typically live on grassy slopes below the timberline. In recent years the Urial population has been making a comeback. Member Name: Ronald P. Grunwald
Score: 151 7/8
Overall Rank: 1 All photos by Safari Club International
**Altai Wapiti (non-typical) **
This subspecies of elk is found in southern Siberia, Mongolia and parts of China. Member Name: Frank R. Strojan
Score: 394 2/8
Overall Rank: 1
Altai Argali
The Altai Argali are the largest sheep with the heaviest horns in the world. They live in the Altai Mountains in Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan. Member Name: Guy Miller Jr.
Score: 258 4/8
Overall Rank: 2
**Altai Argali ** Member Name: Rod Krebs
Score: 258 4/8
Overall Rank: 2
Amur Brown Bear
This bear is similar to North America's grizzly. It is one of five subspecies of brown bears found in Russia. It's called a brown bear even though it's fur is mostly black in color. Member Name: Klaus Kuehn
Score: 24 14/16
Overall Rank: 1
**Amur Brown Bear **
While the bears grow massive in size, they are still smaller than Russia's Kamchatka brown bears. Member Name: Vladimir Gubarev
Score: 21 12/16
Overall Rank: 5
Amur Moose (palmate antlers)
This is the smallest moose in the world with antlers much smaller than its North American cousins. It can be found in eastern Siberia and also parts of Mongolia and China. Most adult bulls only have 4 tines per side. Member Name: Jon A. Shiesl MD
Score: 197 1/8
Overall Rank: 2
**Anatolian Chamois **
These small goats can be found in Turkey on steep slopes and peaks. Member Name: Kenneth L. Barr
Score: 28 6/8
Overall Rank: 1
**Asian Black Bear **
Also known as the moon bear, this bruin lives in much of Asian including Korea, China, Russia and parts of Japan. The bears are mostly herbivores, but they have been known to attack humans. Member Name: Mikhail Malashenko
Score: 21 3/16
Overall Rank: 2
**Asian Black Bear **
These bears are known to walk and stand upright. They have been seen walking on their back two legs for up to a quarter mile. They're slightly smaller than American black bears. Member Name: Konstantin Popov
Score: 19 4/16
Overall Rank: 7
**Asian Leopard **
There are 12 subspecies of leopard cats in Asia. Most of these species still live in their original ranges, but in much smaller numbers. Member Name: Watson T. Yoshimoto
Score: 15 11/16
Overall Rank: 3
**Asian Leopard **
Today, all Asian leopards are listed as endangered by the USF&WS. Member Name: Norman W. Garwood M.D.
Score: 15 8/16
Overall Rank: 4
**Asian Striped Hyena **
This is the smallest hyena species and can be found all across Africa and west to India. The animal was a focal point of Middle Eastern and Asian folklore and was believed to be magical by some cultures. Member Name: Donald G. Cox
Score: 13 13/16
Overall Rank: 2
Axis Deer or Chital (typical)
This deer can be found in several countries across Asia. They like open grasslands and semi-evergreen forests where they can graze. Several different herds of axis deer were introduced to Texas and Hawaii where they now thrive. Member Name: Tom Bolack
Score: 149 7/8
Overall Rank: 3
**Bearded Pig **
This medium-sized pig lives in rain forests and mangrove forests of Southeast Asia. Member Name: Dave Hanlin
Score: 13 8/16
Overall Rank: 3
**Bezoar Ibex **
This wild goat with long sweeping horns can be found in mountainous areas of Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Russia and turkey. Member Name: Henry Davidian
Score: 133
Overall Rank: 1
**Bezoar Ibex **
Bezoar Ibex weigh between 80 and 200 pounds and have horns that span about 41 inches on average. Member Name: Omer Borovali
Score: 130
Overall Rank: 2
Blandford Urial
These wild sheep are found in Turkey and Pakistan. They are one of several subspecies of Urial in the continent. Member Name: Tony Kozyrski
Score: 139 7/8
Overall Rank: 1
**Blandford Urial ** Member Name: Lee R. Anderson Sr.
Score: 135 2/8
Overall Rank: 2
**Chinese blue sheep **
This is one of four subspecies of Bharal that live in the mountainous regions of Nepal, Tibet, China, India and Pakistan. It's horns grow upwards and then sweep backward. Member Name: Dr. Lawrence Rudolph
Score: 129 2/8
Overall Rank: 1
**Chinese blue sheep ** Member Name: Arthur R. Dubs
Score: 127 3/8
Overall Rank: 2
**Chukotka Moose (palmate antlers) **
The Chukotka Moose is the largest moose in Asia and can be found in Eastern Siberia. Member Name: Scott Doxey
Score: 648
Overall Rank: 1
**Chukotka Moose (palmate antlers) **
With huge palmated antlers, it's closely related to moose in Alaska. Member Name: Kenneth E. Behring
Score: 609 3/8
Overall Rank: 2
**Chukotka Moose (palmate antlers) ** Member Name: Rafael Rodriguez
Score: 598 7/8
Overall Rank: 5
East Caucasian Tur
This goat antelope can only be found in the eastern half of the Caucasus Mountains between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Member Name: Joe Kulis
Score: 179 6/8
**East Caucasian Tur ** Member Name: Albert A. Cheramie
Score: 175 5/8
Overall Rank: 2
**Isfahan Mouflon **
The mouflon is considered to be one of the two ancestors of all domestic sheep and can be found in northern Iraq and Northwestern Iran. Member Name: Chris Klineburger
Score: 134 1/8
Overall Rank: 1
**Eurasian Brown Bear **
These bears weigh between 300-550 pounds and are found across Northern Eurasia. Member Name: Thomas J. Hammond
Score:21 9/16
Overall Rank: 2
**Eurasian Brown Bear **
Until 500 A.D. brown bears could be found in modern day Britain. Member Name: Jim Shockey
Score: 23 10/16
Overall Rank: 1
Eurasian Wild Boar Member Name: Jose Sodiro
Score: 31 2/16
Overall Rank: 1
Eurasian Wild Boar
These hogs are almost identical to the wild boar that are found in North America. Member Name: Jon A. Shiesl MD
Score: 26 12/16
Overall Rank: 6
**Forest Buffalo **
This is a smaller relative of the cape buffalo with horns that curve out and backward before shooting upward. Member Name: Walter F. Broich III
Score: 70 1/8 Overall Rank: 1
Gansu Argali
This massive sheep can be found in the Altun Shan mountain range in China. Member Name: Guillermo Roel
Score: 212 4/8
Overall Rank: 1
**Gansu Argali ** Member Name: Alvaro Lebrija
Score: 211 3/8
Overall Rank: 2
**Gansu Deer **
This red deer has the same roar as the Scottish stag and can weigh more than 500 pounds. Member Name: Bruce R. Keller
Score: 254 1/8
Overall Rank: 1
**Gobi Argali **
These rugged sheep are found in the Gobi desert of China and Mongolia. Member Name: Gary Hansen
Score: 226 3/8
Overall Rank: 1
**Gobi Argali ** Member Name: Arthur R. Dubs
Score: 224
Overall Rank: 2
Gobi Ibex
Hunters typically chase Gobi Ibex in the Mongolian Gobi desert, the coldest and northernmost desert in the region. Most ibex are found between 4,000 and 4,500 feet. Member Name: John Van Horn Jr.
Score: 119 3/8
Overall Rank: 1
**Gray Wolf **
These wolves are almost identical to North America's Gray wolf and can be found across Europe and Asia. One main difference is that Eurasian wolves rarely form large packs like North American gray wolves. Member Name: Jim Shockey
Score: 16 13/16
Overall Rank: 2
Hangay Argali
These sheep formerly known as Mid-Altay Argali can be found in the Hangay Mountains of Mongolia. Member Name: Carl Williams
Score: 243 2/8
Overall Rank: 2
Hangay Argali Member Name: Jesus Viejo Gonzalez, Ph.D.
Score: 238
Overall Rank: 5
Kamchatka Brown Bear
This massive bear is the largest bear species in Eurasia and can weigh up to 1,400 pounds. It's very similar to the Alaskan Grizzly and is only found in an isolated region of eastern Siberia. Member Name: Andrey Feoktistov
Score: 30 9/16
Overall Rank: 1
**Kamchatka Brown Bear **
These bears are among the most valuable animals in the Russian hunting industry. Member Name: Warren K. Parker
Score: 28 14/16
Overall Rank: 4
Kamchatka Snow Sheep
This sheep is sometimes called a bighorn, but in reality, it is more similar to Dall sheep and Stone sheep in North America. It's found on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Member Name: Wulf Goetze
Score: 174 7/8
Overall Rank: 3
**Manchurian Sika Deer (non-typical) **
These deer are found along the east coast of Russia and are one of the many subspecies of Sika Deer. Member Name: Konstantin Popov
Score: 122 6/8
Overall Rank: 1
Manchurian Wapiti Member Name: Jose Sodiro
Score: 190 5/8
Overall Rank: 3
**Mideastern Red Deer or Maral **
This red deer is a relative of the elk in North America and can be found living farther east than any other red deer in Asia. Member Name: Hossein Golabchi
Score: 390 6/8
Overall Rank: 1
**Mideastern Red Deer or Maral ** Member Name: Walter F. Broich III
Score: 321 4/8
Overall Rank: 5
**Reindeer ** Member Name: Jesse Fiske
Score: 542 4/8
Overall Rank: 1
Siberian Reindeer are slightly larger than their relatives in North America, but otherwise identical. During the Peistocene era (more than 12,000 years ago) Reindeer were found as far south as Spain. Member Name: Jack Fiske
Score: 496 4/8
Overall Rank: 2
**Yakutia Moose (palmate antlers) **
This moose is similar in size to moose found in western Canada and can be found in the taiga forests of Siberia. Member Name: Sergei Ivanov
Score: 536 3/8
Overall Rank: 1
Yakutia Moose (palmate antlers) Member Name: Sergei Ivanov
Score: 465
Overall Rank: 4
**White-lipped or Thorold Deer **
Named because of its white patches around its mouth, this deer can be found in high altitudes in the eastern Tibetan Plateau. Member Name: Donald G. Cox
Score: 256 4/8
Overall Rank: 1
White-lipped or Thorold Deer
It's one of the largest deer species and weighs up to 500 pounds. Member Name: Carlos Davidov
Score: 246
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