Andrew Lancaster: Taxidermy's Mad Scientist


Andrew Lancaster takes a creative approach to taxidermy. He combines different species and the result usually lands somewhere between creepy and brilliant. He's gained a pretty healthy following on Facebook (1,500 fans) and several news publications have run stories about him. We did a Q&A with Lancaster to get to know the man behind the mounts.
Outdoor Life: How did you get started in taxidermy? Andrew Lancaster: I started skinning animals and birds for my brother in the UK, and started to do the whole process when I moved to New Zealand, 14 years ago.
Q: What inspired you to combine different animals? A: I started to create hybrids when I could only use good parts from one animal or bird and match with another. Something slightly different for people.
Q: What do you want people to know about your art? A: I am trying to create a different kind of taxidermy rather than just "the run of the mill."
Q: In your own words, how would you describe your taxidermy? A: I would like to say my work is modern art, and recycling stuff that would otherwise decay.
Q: Is there a certain species of animal you like to work with the most? A: I like to mount hares as I always think they are an elegant beast.
Q: What is the most common response you get from people when they see your art? A: Most people are full of praise for my work, and only a minority find it distasteful.
Q: Do you have a favorite piece that you've created? If so, what is it? A: One of my favorite pieces is a Mossum. It's on my Facebook photos. It was a possum body with a Magpie head and neck, and it just looked good.
Q: Is taxidermy your full time profession or is it a hobby for you? A: It is a hobby and I am a marina caretaker during the day.
Q: What are you trying to say with your work? Is it meant to entertain people? Get them to think? Inspire them? All of the above? A: I hope to make people smile and enjoy my pieces.
You can find more of Andrew's work here and on his Facebook page. To buy his work, go to
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Outdoor Life sits down with Andrew Lancaster, a taxidermist from New Zealand who has a unique approach to mounting animals.