Deer caught by trail cam jumping fence
I love trail cams. You never know what you are going to find. I am like a little kid at Christmas looking at my new pictures. I thought this one was a neat picture caught by a trail cam. 3 days before this picture I got 15 minutes of video of 3 young 8 pt bucks sparring from my tree stand located above this camera. -shoe337
double drop tine
-Shawn Konzal
Fighting Does -outdoorsweekly
One Eyed Deer
This doe is missing an eye. You can still see blood marks on her face. Her fawn is in the background. Could she of been kicked in the face by another doe, did a tree branch take out the eye or could it be a disease or a infection? I now see things in the forest that I never seen before. I love trail cameras and they work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. -LovesOutdoors
Bobcat vs. Coyote
Picked up my cameras a week after the season ended to get this early Christmas Present. No deer, but a once in a life time -oldsalt
Twin Tower Toms
These two Tom turkeys are just standing in front of my trail camera. Maybe, they know the New Jersey hunting season for turkeys is over. -LovesOutdoors
Stalked by a Predator
This stray or house cat is caught in the act, of stalking two hen birds. The cat has surprise on its side but I bet on the hen bird in a confrontation. If the cat is a pet, then the pet owner is stupid, for allowing their cat to kill , be killed, or be bitten by a animal that is infected with Rabies disease. It is amazing what your trail camera can pick up when your not there. -LovesOutdoors
Dinner’s Ready
A pair of red’s decided to den up behind my house. -pafanasiw
VA Ten Point
This buck showed up to my Fairfax County, VA hunting area in late October. I wanted him bad but he would not show in daylight hours. During the rut in early November he vanished, only to show back up in late November. I got several pictures leading to this one and I harvested him six days after this photo. He was ten yards from my ground blind, I took him with my crossbow. -tmessina91
Black Bear Eats Deer
I found a deer carcass that the bears were feeding on, deep in the woods. I set up my trail camera facing the dead deer. Each time I went in to check on the trail cam, I took in bakery items. You can see the bear would rather feed on the stinky horrible deer carcass. It proves a rotten dead animal is gourmet food to a bear. -LovesOutdoors
Buck on Point
The young seven point buck is on point. The eight point piebald buck is also looking at something from behind. Maybe it is a game bird their watching. -LovesOutdoors
Deer caught on trail camera
This is a deer caught on the trail camera -Deerhunter25
Turkey & Ground Hog
This ground hog loves the apples, that I put out for the deer. He comes in everyday and eats his fill. I have many photos of him. This turkey is three feet behind him. The ground hog doesn’t even care about the turkey, being so close.
Hangin’ Out
This guy had a field day hanging out in front of my trail camera for several hours. This was the best shot. -chasew37
My Sons First deer age 11
The picture was taken by our game camera right after the shot. -SCOTT BAGLEY
This Bobcat showed up on my trail camera only 1 day after I set it up. -Alexi
Unwelcome dinner guest
From a trail cam in the back yard. This deer obviously didn’t like the raccoon’s company. -4everAutumn
This buck has nine lives
I had this guy infront of three different times and could not get a shot off. -pafanasiw
Sleepwalking Doe
This doe must have just got up from a nap or she’s on autopilot -pafanasiw
Mom on Guard Duty
This doe is watching over her two little fawns, while they eat. Looking out for danger, is more important to her then eating. -LovesOUtdoors
Awesome ten point
This velvet ten point was caught on our trail camera -deerhunter25
Nice Buck
This buck is getting close to the Trail Camera. -Deerhunter25
Two bucks fighting
One is a 10 point and the other is a 7 point -chasew37
Say cheeeesssseeeeee!
This deer was captured by one of our trail cams. I thought deer were made of venison…this one is clearly a ham. 🙂 -mikebodette
Trail Camera and Buck
I put out a bait pile. I placed one trail camera on a tree, set on photos and a second trail camera on a video, on another tree. Both cameras are facing the same bait pile. You are a witness to a trail camera light videoing this eight point piebald buck. The red video light does not bother the deer. Bears are more spooked by the video light then deer. -LovesOutdoors

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