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Tackle Test 2014

Blanks groaned and drags screamed in our annual torture test of the year's best new rods and reels. Check out the hottest tackle of the year.

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Best 6 Baits

Although you may covet a tackle box stuffed with lures, these essential baits will fool (almost) every fish that swims. Clear out your tackle box this spring and cast these super six baits.

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  • March 28, 2014

    Do No Try This At Home: Bros Shoot Carp Underwater With Compound Bows - 1

    It's Friday and you need to waste some time to get to your weekend. Well, do we have the video for you. These super-sick bros didn't have the know-how to catch carp on rod and reel and they didn't have the ability to shoot them with archery gear. So, they decided to grab a ground blind and some snorkeling gear and hunt the carp underwater.

    Surprisingly, it sort of worked. Even more surprising, no one was killed.

  • March 27, 2014

    Cast and Blast: Boss Gobblers and Monster Bass in Florida - 0

    Considering the winter that has plagued—and continues to plague—much of the nation, more than a few outdoorsmen are surely sitting next to a wood stove right now, glancing out the window onto an endless snowscape, and dreaming of shooting long-bearded gobblers and tossing plugs to potbellied largemouths. If you can’t wait for the thaw to come to your neck of the woods, book a flight to Florida today and you can be hunting birds and hooking bass by tomorrow morning. One of the premier locations to do just that is the region from Lake Okeechobee north to Orlando.    [ Read Full Post ]

  • March 27, 2014

    Video: Huge Pike Caught From a Belly Boat - 1

    This YouTube video has it all: A monster pike attack in slow-motion, an epic hero shot, and a couple kids from Denmark freaking out.

    For a little boat-side muskie action straight out of the good old USA, check out this video.

  • March 27, 2014

    Otter Fishing Tradition Faces Extinction in Bangladesh - 0

    It’s a conversation I’d love to see happen: A discussion of fishing techniques between a Florida bass angler and net fisherman from Narail, Bangladesh.

    The Floridian boasts of using the latest soft lure, in response the fisher from Narail describes how he directs his trained otters to drive fish into his net.

    Yep. The fisherman from Narail utilizes trained otters to drive fish from the shallows and underwater vegetation into his net.

    Unfortunately, the above comparison of fishing techniques will never come to fruition.  And not just because I can’t afford to go to Bangladesh.  It won’t happen because the centuries-old Narail method is almost a thing of the past, due in part to depleting fish stock, human encroachment, and pollution.   [ Read Full Post ]

  • March 24, 2014

    Fishing Tips - 0

    There's more to getting ready for the fishing season than respelling your reels and organizing your tackle box. Hone your skills and sharpen your knowledge with Todd Kuhn's fishing tip video tutorial.

    Baitcasting Reels: A Simple Guide to Casting Controls [ Read Full Post ]

  • March 24, 2014

    Possible World Record Spotted Bass Caught in California Tournament - 0

    Winning the Pro Am California Tournament Trail Event was pretty sweet for angler Keith Bryan, but even sweeter was the fact that he may have just broken the spotted bass world record, decking a whopping 10.48 pounder. Bryan casted a 5-inch Yamamoto Senko out into a secluded area of New Melonies Reservoir, when the waters erupted around his lure from a crushing hit.

    Bryan, a seasoned angler and owner of Powell Fishing Rods, exclaimed, “She came up several times just so you can see the hook in her mouth about 20 yards away, then she would just rip line and go down.” [ Read Full Post ]

  • March 21, 2014

    Fillet a Walleye Without Leaving Any Bones - 1

    Photo by Tom Thulen / Windigo Images

    What does it mean to "unzip" a walleye, and how do you do it?
    —Roy Brand
    Lancaster, OH

    It's no secret that walleyes are one of the best-tasting fish on the planet. However, pesky lateral-line bones can turn any fish fry into the sportsman's version of Hell's Kitchen. "Unzipping" is the common term used to describe a simple way of removing that nasty line of bones from your fillets. 

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